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Advanced Muscle Gain


A protein BLEND with a 3rd party lab analysis and a supplement facts panel!  Look if you want trust & quality in a protein blend this is it.

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Product Description

Fast and slow digesting protein

  • High in BCAA’s and Amino Acids
  • Use anytime
  • Contains di and tri peptides


When it comes to protein blends, a little game is played in the supplement industry that I like to call “dusting in ingredients”.  A lot of companies make protein blends and they provide you with a list of ingredients right underneath their NUTRITION FACTS panel.  However this list tells you nothing because you do not really now exactly how much of each protein they are putting in their product.  You have to take their word for it.  What a joke!!  Here at we do not play games.  Not only do we give you the 3rd party lab analysis AFTER the product is packaged proving to you how much protein in in our powder, we give you the actual break down of protein powders in our Advanced Muscle Gain blend.  If you want clean, honest, and protein powder with PROOF (3rd party lab analysis) get the Advanced Muscle Gain.  If you want make-believe and marketing hype get yourself a protein blend with a proprietary blend, no 3 rd party lab analysis, and labeled with a nutrition facts panel.  However I hope you’re smarter than that……get



Additional Information

Weight 2 lbs

Chocolate, Vanilla

Lab Guarantee