Advanced Muscle Gain

Advanced Muscle Gain

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Advanced Muscle Gain is exactly what it implies. We thought about nothing but quality when it comes to this formula. No other company in the history has produced a product like this one. Why? Because they wouldn't even think about giving you products like these because of taste and price. If you want an average muscle gaining product, go to the health food store. If you want something that is unbelievably high quality, get our Advanced Muscle Gain Formula.

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  • Fast and slow digesting protein
  • High in BCAA's and Amino Acids
  • Use anytime
  • Contains di and tri peptides

Athletic and Nutritional Information
When I wanted to create the ultimate protein blend I wanted to get the best proteins from all the sources I could. Therefore, from our hydrolyzed category, I chose Hydro 1400. Hydro 1400 is a great hydrolyzed protein. This gives you a quick burst of di and tri peptides, bringing the body quickly into an anabolic state. It has a dramatic effect of nitrogen in the body. Next, I chose from the whey category. The best form of whey protein for this purpose is Whey Protein concentrate. After Whey I needed an anti-catabolic protein, and the best in that category is our Heliogen Casein. Only® carries this unique and hard to find form of protein. While most companies will use Calcium Caseinate, we chose Heliogen Casein because of its microfiltration process which leaves the important protein subfractions intact. Finally, Egg Protein. Egg White Protein has long been cherished by bodybuilders and is a must in the ultimate formula.


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Customer Reviews

  • Author: Denise
    Honestly, if you enjoy drinking something that tastes like vomit, this is the perfect product. I will pass on this one. Sorry.
  • Author: Sara Sargent (
    By far the best formula anywhere.
    Incredible!! Especially for women who
    weight lift, and watch fat/sugar intake.
  • Author: Clint Hamilton
    Good product taste is not great without any sweetener or flavoring, but not vomit either. If you do want it to taste ok or good I would suggest add flavoring or sweetener, but the taste doesn't matter to me. I always use warm water which i think improves taste and mix ability without adding anything unnecessary. I can't speak to long term results, but it seems to be working fine for me at the moment.
  • Author: brad johnson
    excellant product does what its suppose to do with a good eating plan,it takes time but the results are there after time, and for the people who complain about taste then stop lifting weights, thank you alex for having the best protein out there
  • Author: Roberto Sarmiento
    The Nutrition Facts do not indicate the correct ingredients. I suggest a correction be done so as not to confuse or mislead buyers. It indicates that it contains "Whey Protein" while the product description indicates that it's "Tri-Fx Whey Fraction" and also "PeptoPro." The difference is HUGE. Which is the correct one?
  • Author: Robert Nicholson
    Intolerably disgusting. Add in vanilla flavoring, still intolerable. Add in enough fruit to choke a bull, still intolerable. Horrendous taste made even chugging it impossible. May try to mix tiny amounts of it in with tolerable mixes instead of throwing it out entirely. This formula requires no taste buds, no gag reflex and no gastrointestinal system.
  • Author: Frederick Tolerico
    Bought 5 pounds of it with flavoring but still tasted horrible. Added sweetener and same taste. Mixed with some different protein powder and it tasted a little better. $120 mistake.
  • Author: WIlliam Moreno
    Honestly people, what are you griping about the taste for? It tastes like thick, creamy milk. Thick. Creamy. Milk. Is that really so bad? Sure, it doesn't taste like a vanilla cream milkshake from your local fast food dump--then again, that's really a moot point because we all know that a vanilla cream shake from those places tastes neither like vanilla nor cream, but something artificial in between that becomes more noticeable the more you have. My first glass of this I knew that I had found a pure, high-grade protein that I could use indefinitely without any strange tastes or chugging difficulties developing. Really, it's like a thick glass of milk. I don't know about you but I can enjoy a glass of milk without the need to dump half a bottle of Hershey's Chocolate Syrup in it. Thanks, Alex.