Depo-Nitrolase 250

Depo-Nitrolase 250

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Anabolic Steroids increase the rate of enzyme activity which directly effects protein metabolism thereby accelerating protein synthesis (anabolism) and decreasing muscle breakdown (catabolism). Depo-Nitrolase 250 supports this enzyme activation.

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Our new Depo-Nitrolase 250 product is a well-researched, science backed sports nutrition product that accelerates the activation of enzymes in the body. Similar to the way anabolic steroids increase the activation of enzymes in the body allowing the body to use and digest more protein than it typically would. Once this occurs protein synthesis is increased and muscle growth takes place.

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They (anabolic steroids) also affect the activation rate of enzyme systems involved in protein metabolism, thus enhancing protein synthesis and inhibiting protein degradation (called an anti-catabolic effect).

An excerpt from Internet Society for Sports Science: 7 March 1998.

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“If we can somehow simulate in a natural product the effects anabolic steroids have on our enzyme systems, we could potentially have a very potent muscle building product”, Alex Rogers, President of


Depo-Nitrolase 250
Coming out with new products is not easy. Well it is if you follow all the fad products. Like the pre-workout powders. Talk about a fad category going hay wire. Anyway coming out with new products is not the easiest thing in the world. Why? Because if you want to create something new in the sports nutrition business, you have to rely on yourself. If not, then you are relying on someone else to make new ingredients. Did you know that not one sports nutrition company has EVER created their own new ingredient? The big sports nutrition companies that you buy from try to make you think that they create their own ingredients, but they do not. Usually, it is some guy in China. All of the major sports nutrition companies pretend they have their own labs and scientists and do their own testing. But this is all smoke and mirrors. They do nothing of the sorts. They rely on people like me to actually invent new sports nutrition ingredients. Thus, the result is that to date nothing as we know it grows muscle. You cannot take a pill 3 times a day and expect to grow muscle. That’s the truth. You can only take products that support and aid in muscle growth. What are these products? The best is protein. Taking in protein puts your body (sometimes) in an anabolic state. After that dietary fat. Dietary fats again place the body into an anabolic state.

But to reiterate these products do not “grow “muscle. If I fed you 500 grams of protein a day and you just did nothing all day long, you’d just get fat. Thus, when coming out with a new product you want to create a product that directly relates to growing muscle as close as possible. And to get this product, I usually turn to the one product that does build muscle easily. Anabolic Steroids. One way anabolic steroids work so well is because they let your body use more protein than it typically would. Essentially, your cells can take in more amino acids and use them to build more muscle. Without steroids, your body only lets you use so much protein. Easy enough to understand right? Therefore, when creating this new product I wanted to possibly find a product that would force the body to use more protein and amino acids. Secondly I wanted a product that had some real science behind it, something that simulates the effects that anabolic steroids have on our body. With my new product I focused on protein absorption and enzymes.

The name of the product is called Depo-Nitrolase 250. It is a high potency blend of protease enzymes that allow for complete protein assimilation into amino acids within 90 minutes of consumption. Now this product is not comprised of your ordinary protease enzymes. These enzymes were formulated, researched, and then tested to see how well they break down protein and how well your body absorbs them. Secondly, compared to other enzymes Depo-Nitrolase 250 kicks their butts. See the study comparing it with Aminogen, (the well-known enzyme that most sports nutrition companies use in their proteins if they do want to use an enzyme.) Back to what I was saying, Depo-Nitrolase 250 allows for complete protein assimilation.

Re-read what I just said. Complete protein assimilation. Ok so let me explain where my train of thought is when I created this product. If anabolic steroids allow your body to USE more protein than you typically would, you grow muscle. Therefore we are technically, by giving someone the Depo-Nitrolase 250, artificially forcing them to USE more protein than they typically would. Everyone is different and everyone has different protein absorption rates normally. If your body is not going to use the protein, the protein is excreted as urine or feces. The body will take the amino acids from the food you eat and use it accordingly. It takes what it needs. If you are natural and not a steroid user, the body will take what it has always taken. It is simply not going to take more aminos to force itself to grow muscle. But when you take the Depo-Nitrolase 250 you’re getting your body to take more than it normally would.

The body does not like muscle mass. The more muscle mass you have on your frame the more energy it takes for you to live. Why do you think it’s so easy to lose muscle as opposed it is to gain? I dare you to stop working out for 30 days! You’ll see yourself shrink and get weaker real quick! Thus we continue to body build because we know that if we stopped we would lose muscle mass. And that is a fact. So we continue to body build and continue to eat a high protein diet. But day after day, the body adjusts. If your body did not adjust you would continue to make lean muscle gains. But you don’t. Everyone has a maximum amount of muscle they can build. If there was not a maximum amount you’d have 500lb muscular bodybuilders. These guys that take huge amounts of steroids and growth hormones have no stopping point in regards to how much juice and GH they are using. The more drugs they take, the bigger they get. But even they have their limits on how big they can get. Again even with all the drugs they take, I haven’t seen a 400lbs juicer walking around, even the most heavily and genetically gifted bodybuilders cannot get beyond a lean muscular 300lbs. But we do not recommend or suggest taking steroids, but we do recommend taking a product that can “trick” the body to use more protein and hopefully grow muscle.

What we are looking to do is naturally force the body to use more protein. And that my friend equates to muscle growth. No if’s and’s or but’s. Make the body use more protein, of course partake in weight training, and you’re going to grow muscle. Therefore like this statement above…….

They (anabolic steroids) also affect the activation rate of enzyme systems involved in protein metabolism, thus enhancing protein synthesis and inhibiting protein degradation (called an anti-catabolic effect).

With Depo-Nitrolase 250, we are enhancing the activation rate of the enzymes systems in our body thus increasing protein synthesis and inhibiting protein degradation.

You want to use Depo-Nitrolase 250 with every protein meal.

From the Encyclopedia of Sports Medicine and Science

ANABOLIC-ANDROGENIC STEROIDS: Mechanism of Action and Effects on Performance

Thomas D. Fahey
Exercise Physiology Laboratory
California State University, Chico
Chico CA 95929 USA

Fahey, T.D. (1998). Anabolic-androgenic steroids: mechanism of action and effects on performance. In: Encyclopedia of Sports Medicine and Science, T.D.Fahey (Editor). Internet Society for Sport Science: 7 March 1998.

Steroid Receptors
Steroid hormones work by stimulation of receptor molecules in muscle cells, which activate specific genes to produce proteins (see Figure 1). They also affect the activation rate of enzyme systems involved in protein metabolism, thus enhancing protein synthesis and inhibiting protein degradation (called an anti-catabolic effect).

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Customer Reviews

  • Author: Phil
    Been taking Depo Nitrolase and seeing some good results. Love the whey isolate and casein powders too.
  • Author: Unknown
    I just love the quality of products Protein Factory has! I'm using Depo-Nitrolase 250, Cutting Formula, Flax Oil and Unleashed! Awesome stuff with great results!
  • Author: Kelly
    Fantastic supplement! I don't get the heat or rush that some people are getting, but I do feel the digestion happening. I don't mean that literally, but what I mean is that if I take one before a protein shake or a meal, then I get hungry again very quickly after, especially in comparison to if I do not take one. A major increase in appetite and frequency of eating, and it also helps prevent stomach pains that I used to get frequently.
  • Author: frank
    great results can now drink my protien after work out without feeling stuffed, i dont like to eat alot so its been hard for me to gain, this helps because i feel hungry all day when i just take 2 in the morning with 60 gram isopure drink after work out
  • Author: Rebellyus
    this stuff is another great product protein factory carries! you could feel it working instantly! like i feel a rush and my face starts to get hot, only temporally. i use this with every form of protein i take in! when im in the gym this stuff helps be FSU(fuck shit up)
  • Author: rob
    Didn't feel the the temporary rush or temp increase like some people have reported, but I can definitely tell this stuff works. I had a bag of protein factory's potato protein isolate still sitting around because this stuff gave me horrible stomach issues, so I figured the ultimate test to see if the depo 250 actually worked would be to take it with the potato protein. I did so and had absolutely no stomach discomfort what so ever. I say this stuff absolutely works and yet another great product from PF.
  • Author: Scott
    I gota be honest here, I don't see how these protease enzymes are any different than the protease enzymes I get from a natural herb shop. But their about the same price so go ahead. Maybe you need the cool label to stay motivated. Also, not many supplement sights seem to understand that proper digestion of protein is important. Ever get a whiff of a protein fart at the gym while your in the middle of a rep? It's absolutely disgusting and making it through the set with that smell in the air is next to impossible.
  • Author: John B
    Hi Alex,

    My name is John B, and I just started using your products this year with great results! I am an elite road cyclist, who typically ride about 300mi week, and the Oxy/Depo Nitrolase stack allowed me to finish this season at a higher level than ever before. I could do multiple hard workouts, and actually recover!
  • Author: rojohnfelt
    men!!! this stuff really work stop whining..... and add it to your cart, i had seen its magnificent effect on me i had gained lean muscle for just using 1 bottle together with the beta whey and cfm whey protein. i can guarantee you that it will take your fitness life to the best you can be
    i am long time body builder so you can count on me cheers......
  • Author:
    I really like this stuff. I think its one of the first products I purchased in the supplement world that actually works. the krap from sucks and I like the's new quality control. Bottom line is buy this stuff and take with protein powder post workout. that's how I got results.
  • Author: Steven
    Great stuff. I bought this and use it everytime I take protein. When you drink protein you're taking an important digestive step out of the process. you need enzymes. Depo gives them to you. thats how I feel it works for me. If I eat protein I dont use the depo. but using depo with something like molkegen whey isolate is great. I can really feel my muscles growing. good supplement!
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