Egg White Protein

Egg White Protein

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12 reviews's® Egg White Protein is one of our favorites. Egg White Protein is extracted from pure egg whites then processed into powder form. High in protein, this powder can be used by everyone. Egg Whites provide an excellent source of amino acids and are high in the sulfur producing amino acid which is crucial in anabolic hormone production. Mixes and tastes better than other egg white proteins because we use a superior instantizing process. Has a PER of 3.9 and a biological value of 88.

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  • Author:
    GREAT is all I can say about this protein!!!!!!! I've been stacking Egg White Protein with Casein and WPC, both from Protein Factory, and I have to say that this is the best protein stack I've used.
  • Author:
    I would highly recommend this! I mix it in with other proteins to stretch the digestion time out a bit. That's especially good for a nightime shake that will keep the protein flowing whiile I sleep.
  • Author:
    Incredible stuff, I must say! Educated bodybuilders know that egg protein is one of the most complete protein sources one can consume. On top of that, it is not digested as quickly as whey, which makes it a much better option for one of the several meals that bodybuilders consume every day. Excellent to mix with a casein protein source before bed as well.

    Hell, I just mixed the powder with water, cooked it up, and got scrambled eggs. You can't beat this stuff.
  • Author:
    I didn't like the bitter taste nor the sodium content, and so I won't be buying again. I prefer whole eggs anyway and believe they offer more nutritional bang for the buck. I've tried several proteins and prefer the whey isolate or aussie casinate, both with aminogen added.
  • Author:
    Great protein, very disappointed the price was raised. I mean $3 a pound increase....what happened to small increase overtime? unfortunetly wont be buying it again for that price. statement.
    Yes, that is a drastic price increase. But unfortunately we have no choice. Egg protein and whey protein prices are skyrocking due to the current demand. You will notice price increases for protein over the next few months. When the price comes down we will then lower the price.
  • Author: RYAN
    A good buy, tastes good. I like to add it to my whey sometimes for a little more "taste", but I wouldn't use it as my main protein.
  • Author: Scott Dickson (
    A great protein to add / mix into my custom mixes.
  • Author: Rebellyus
    great protein! mixes easily! taste is good. i use it at 30% in a protein blend with whey and casein. only one issue with this and its not that big of a deal but it has soy in it .
  • Author: Ian
    Been trying to get rid of dairy in my diet, so I recently bought this to substitute the usual whey that I buy. Got the vanilla flavoring, figuring that it would be a similar taste.

    Nutrition-wise, this stuff is great. However, of the many protein powders I've tried, this is the worst. Tried mixing it with water with horrible results. Tried drowning it in water and berries, still tasted horrible. Eventually got the point where mixing in a lot of sugar compensated, but didn't completely get rid of the fowl taste. Got to the point where I was holding my nose to drink this. Not buying again.
  • Author: MrFitness
    probably the best mixing protein powder I have ever used. Awesome job proteinfactory and I would def recommend this to all my friend!!
  • Author: Brad Sanders
    what happened to the price?!?!! I just added it to my cart two days ago when it was 29.99. I love yalls products for making my own personal shake. i guess ill have to buy egg white protein elsewhere. good stuff though
  • Author: Patrick Hartigan
    WOW. Guess I'll be buying a new protein, now that the price has increased to a ridiculous amount. Too bad.
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