Sweet Potato Powder

Sweet Potato Powder

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Instantized sweet potato powder carbohydrate.

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Sweet Potato’s have long be coveted by bodybuilders & athletes as the perfect carbohydrate for increasing lean muscle mass and reducing body fat. Why? Because it is virtually sugar free and has a low glycemic rating. Thus it replenishes the body with glycogen for sustained energy. Thus the sweet potato powder is perfect for post workout usage because when combined with protein it provides the body EXACTLY what it needs post workout.

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Customer Reviews

  • Author: Barrett
    In my experience I definitely taste liquid sweet potato - I usually mix with 2 cups whole raw milk or water, 1/3 cup protein - just by how I feel I'm concerned maybe I'm still getting a pretty steep glycemic response
  • Author: Rob Mallon
    The Instant Sweet Potato has a very fine texture, a lighter mouth-feel to it than the Oat Muscle, and it dissolves very well.

    With a neutral smell and a taste that is virtually undetectable in any mix, Iím sure that this will be a great addition to my daily nutritional needs alongside the Oat Muscle.
  • Author: Rebellyus
    this is the best carb to add to a protein blend for post workout! i use it at 25% and its real good stuff!
  • Author: VeganDave
    Awesome carb! tastes like sweet potato's for sure. But the energy I get from it is sustained and keeps me going for my workouts! I would buy this again and tell my buds to get it! 5 stars
  • Author: Daniel Buchholz
    This is my new favorite carb to add to my post-workout shake or morning shake. I mix it with the Hydro-O Visceral Cutter Formula, Creapure Creatine Monohydrate, Glutamine Peptides, and Almond Milk... AMAZING! Tastes like the sweet potato dish we have at Thanksgiving.
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