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For the ultimate anabolic & anti-catabolic stack pair this with Depo Nitrolase 250 & Oxy Nitrolase 1500. I have not seen anything better for anabolic growth, on the market!

UNLEASHED is the most potent testosterone supplement stimulating product on the market. Yet, some people have asked us why it does not contain Tribulus -- a standard for helping to release Leutenizing Hormone and therefore increasing testosterone. Look below to watch a video from the creator of Unleashed - Nelson Montana. Nelson will tell you everything you need to know about Unleashed!

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Without a doubt, UNLEASHED is the most potent testosterone supplement stimulating product on the market.

Watch a video from the creator of Unleashed- Nelson Montana. Nelson explains everything you need to know about Unleashed!

It Isn’t How Much Testosterone You Have – It’s How Much You Can Use That Counts.

Despite what some supplement manufacturers may say to convince you otherwise, nothing besides steroids will add enough of an elevation in testosterone to grow more muscle. But UNLEASHED works on an entirely different principle. It raises the body’s natural AVAILABLE testosterone. You already have it! But it’s dormant. UNLEASHED brings it to life!

It was a radical concept when it hit the market 5 years ago, but today UNLEASHED is the standard by which all T boosting supps are measured. And it’s the reason it’s become the most popular testosterone boosting product among advanced bodybuilders. And what it does for them, it will do for you.

Unlocking the Key To More Strength, More Sex Drive and More Muscle
The reason UNLEASHED works so well is that it imparts its effects on the testosterone you already have in your body. You see, even when using exogenous testosterone, not all of it will be available to impart its anabolic effects. That's due to an enzyme known as SHBG ( Sex Hormone Binding Globulin) and it's the deciding factor in how much testosterone you can use to build muscle and how much will remain in a "bound" unusable state. SHBG clings to testosterone and keeps it from working its magic. The more SHBG you have, the less "available" testosterone there will be. So the answer to greater muscle growth isn't necessarily more total testosterone, but less SHBG. This is where UNLEASHED comes in.

Activate Your Anabolic Potential
It's a known fact that more and more bodybuilders are turning to anabolic enhancement to get that extra edge. But besides the health and legal issues, if SHBG is elevated, all the drugs in the world won't provide satisfactory results. This is why you may see a typical gym member using higher dosages than what Arnold ever took -- and they sure aren't close to looking as good as Arnold ! The reason? SHBG. If it's high, it doesn't matter how much testosterone is flowing through your veins, it isn't going to put on very much muscle. Yet, if it were possible to lower SHBG, then someone with a "normal" testosterone level can actually be in a more anabolic state than someone on steroids! And that’s what UNLEASHED does so well.

UNLEASHED is an amazing compound made of a combination of synergistic ingredients which have been shown to lower SHBG and increase free testosterone! So now you can make the most of the testosterone that's already in your body!

The First And The Finest
UNLEASHED was the first product of its kind and since it’s become so popular other companies have tried to copy the formula. But NOTHING works as well as UNLEASHED. The Avenacosides must be active and at the correct ratio and they aren’t easy to get and they aren’t cheap. We’ve got ‘em. The others cut corners.

Most “test-boosters” use Tribulus which is a weak Lutenized elevator that can potentially raise estrogen more than testosterone! Tribulus is a thing of the past. UNLEASHED is the real deal.

No bogus claims. No pseudo science. No phony chemistry. Just the very best ingredients that are safe and effective.

One of the best ways to determine a healthy "Free Testosterone" level is through "non-stimulative erectile function." What that means in plain English is this: When you wake up from a night's sleep, even though there's been no sexual stimulation, you should have an erection (which is always the case when you're 17 years old and hormones are raging). If you don't, then there's a good chance your Free Testosterone is low. But once you take UNLEASHED, you can expect a BIG surprise each and every morning! And because of the pleasant "good morning wood" you'll experience, you'll know that last night's sleep was an anabolic dream come true since your own, natural FREE TESTOSTERONE was working while you sleep to make you bigger, stronger and more powerful. That can’t be placebo!

And in case you were wondering, a dose of "UNLEASHED" one hour before sexual activity can certainly make a noticeable difference in your stamina. (Even more potent with an added dose of POST CYCLE.)

Finally! A supplement that is truly anabolic!

Don't let SHBG hold you back! Shatter the bonds of slow growth and give your own body every advantage. Allow your own testosterone to break free and start packing on thick, dense muscle right away!

Get UNLEASHED…and release the power inside of you!

Directions: Take two servings daily (before breakfast and before retiring) for one week. Then one serving daily for 3 weeks. Repeat dosing schedule. As a pro-sexual aide, take two additional capsules 30 minutes before activity.

For maximum anabolic and pro-sexual affect, take this formula along with Post-Cycle.

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Customer Reviews

  • Author: artenman_@cox.net
    Strength I credit other supplements i am currently taking. This will give you some serious wood in the morning though. No chick will be able to satisfy your needs when you take this, so you better be ready. Good product, probably will buy it again.
  • Author: dmodderman@championhealthandfitness.com
    I took an entire bottle, and my bench press was going up 5 lbs a week. As soon as I ran out I lost it, and my bench has not budged. So was this working, I would say YES! I am going to get more bottles this time.
  • Author: r_happy27@hotmail.com
    Unleashed is some crazy S#@T..... Gets you wired for a work out!!!
  • Author: r_happy27@hotmail.com
    FYI - Connecticut and Western MA Residents Find ZIP!, Unleashed and Post Cycle at Supplement City... Ask for it..... They carry it!!!!!!
  • Author: nsashbl01@yahoo.com
    I used just about one bottle and do notice a strength increase. I also have gotten acne, which can be from more free T in my system. I can't handle the acne though.

  • Author: robert@futurosity.com
    Just finished a bottle. Product delivers as advertised. I'm placing a reorder.
  • Author: pinshooter@therange.com
    This product is for Real! I'm 48 years old, and Viagra did
    nothing for me! After three days of Unleashed, the morning wood was fantastic! My wife thinks I'm taking some kind of drug, and she couldn't be happier about it!
    I have had to cut the dosage back to two capsules a day because it broght back acne like I was 17 years old. The wife didn't like that. I just ordered two more bottles.
    Super Stuff!!!
  • Author: caira_3@hotmail.com
    good product gave me a nice big d*** and tightened my phisque up alot.but did not like the acne and still suppresed from cycle,so didnt help me to recover only kept me from being deppresed post-cycle and sex drive was high which was great.
  • Author: InoueB@cwu.edu
    Okay so I'm infamous for writing reviews here, but hear me out on this one. Fellas... this is better than any other supplement I've tried for hormones.
    I've done natural a one unnatural product. All very high end. This stuff is nearly half their price but blows them all away!
    I'm insatiable in the gym and in the bedroom.
    A few words to the wise...
    1) Tell your girlfriend/wife/bed buddy ahead of time.
    2) Prepare to see some numbers jump in the weight room.
    3) Be sure to get more than one bottle... you'll be glad you did!

    I'm in my early 20's and this stuff still works for me! Imagine what it could do for you...
  • Author: drei@email.com
    This stuff works quite well I stacked with a dose of Tribulus and it was even better. Prepare for a high sex drive and more stamina. I started it the second week into my PCT and it really helped in my recovery from gear use.

    Great product! Great company!

  • Author: prooney611@aol.com
    I used 2 bottles as directed and found the results a bit lacking. There was little increase in weight lifted (other than what would naturally be expected during the time frame). It did increase the libido and so I believe it increases LH levels but not necessarily the T-levels. I won't be buying it again.
  • Author: mcg_dan@yahoo.com
    THis stuff is great!! All my lifts have gone up in a fraction of the time. And... my girlfriend loves the increase in Libido.. I'll be stocking up on Unleashed
  • Author: scotty2@earthlink.net
    HOLY BONERS BATMAN! I can't believe this stuff is legal. I feel like Superman in the gym and in the bedroom. This is now my number one supplement. I'd give it ten stars if I could. Get it. It works.
  • Author: dheasulfate@videotron.ca
    So far, unleashed has increased my sex drive by a lot, which was as a matter of fact was on the low side, and have found I,m a bit stronger. I've only been taking it for a week, and have not taken the full dosage everyday, which means it still is working fine at lower than recommended dosage.

    I'm satisfied
  • Author: tyselfridge@hotmail.com
    After a 6 week cycle of two VPX products, I stacked Unleashed w/ Post-Cycle. Neither product maintained my strength levels, but they did the job for post cycle therapy. Definite increase in libido, and that's alway a good thing. Too much acne for my liking. I do no think I'll buy this product again.
  • Author: glomail@webtv.net
    I like the fact that Unleashed has a noticable effect. I feel stronger and more aggressive, but in a good way, not angry . If anything it seems to improve mood. The sexual stimulation is unquestionable but I notice that more once things are "under way", so to speak. I did get a tiny bit of back acne but nothing some alcohol and clearasil didn't clear up. I guess if you're going to raise testosterone levels that's to be expected, This is my second bottle and and I'll be reordering again. If something's good I stick with it. If not, I drop it fast. Unleashed works for me.
  • Author: omnix7@aol.com
    I took the recommended dosage and it worked great.I will be using this on a regular basis.As always Protein Factory has great products that work and are very affordable.
  • Author: eat_xtc@yahoo.com
    I'm not one that normally responds well to any type of supplement but I can honestly say this product works!
    I will be a repeat customer.
  • Author: crimby@charter.net
    I had the same experience as a previous reviewer. It definitely works as was evidenced by a big, hanging d**k, but I couldn't sleep at all while using it. So...I didn't really notice any strength or muscle mass gains b/c I couldn't take it long enough to see any effects. Sleep is more important than muscle! I'd say that if this product could be stripped down to only the essential ingredients it would be great. Maybe drop the TMG and Xanthoparmilia Scabrosa? For now I give it three stars.
  • Author: drupchen@yahoo.com
    This stuff works, hands down. I believe it is the high quality content of the Avena Sativa. However, the ingredient, Trimethylglycine made me very "hyper" and over-stimulated. I did some research on it and, yes, Trimethylglycine will "excite" the CNS. I tried taking Unleashed upon waking, hoping that I could fall asleep that night, but it still kept me awake. The problem was worse if I took Unleashed for several days in a row. I can't use the product due to this ingredient. I would like to see Unleashed offered without the Trimethylglycine, then I could take Unleashed regularly. Otherwise, I perfect product.
  • Author: blonsey@hotmail.com
    I purchased two bottles of UNLEASHED. The first bottle did not give me the “feeling” or results that I expected. I expected UNLEASHED to make me feel the way that Tribex had made me feel when I used it.

    There a lot of positive reviews on your site about UNLEASHED. This product is probably really good (because everything else that I purchased is top-of-the line) but for some reason it does not work well for me.

    J. Hurd
  • Author: dosterman@nyc.rr.com
    I had the exact opposite reaction than the last reviewer. Tribex did absolutely nothing for me while Unleashed was awesome. I used it in a stack with Big Blast as suggested in one of the weekly updates and have had the best gains of my life! I guess everyone is different and the only way to know is to try it yourself but I'd give it five stars easily. I say it's PF's best product.
  • Author: Devanous1@verizon.net
    I have tried Unleased for a month - definately had morning wood, no acne. Strength increases were so so.
    I tried Post cycle the following month and felt a good pump all day.
    When I took 3 unleashed in the morning and 3 post cycle at night, my strength increases have been superb, no morning wood though and also no acne as some may have reported. I have added weight to each of my sets for 3 straight weeks . I would recommend stacking these 2 products for the best resuts. You should expect to see results in week 2.
  • Author: sxesurfer3@hotmail.com
    The last 2 reviews spoke about Post cycle. Does anyone know what company makes it? one of them also talks about Big Blast. Anyone know who makes that one?
  • Author: sxesurfer3@hotmail.com
    Please forgive me. I wasn't thinking. I'm a moron thanks.
  • Author: Michael Higgins (mhiggi9@lsu.edu)
    I found this product delivers as promised; but I seemed to plateau on this product after the second week. Also, stacking with Post Cycle did not appear to produce any increased or noticeable results. The best approach for me is to take Unleased for 2 weeks and then to take 2 weeks off. During the off weeks of unleashed, I take Post Cycle. This regimen appears to work best for me. But overall, the product definitely helped me with weight loss, vascularity, recovery, and made me horny as Race Horse in Springtime.
  • Author: BEN THOMAS (lucky8573@gmail.com)
    this stuff is amazing. 2 weeks in strength is up, vascularity is way up, muscles are looking very full. Stack it with vigor and super plasma and you won't be dissapointed. this stuff rocks!
  • Author: Richard S,
    I bought this to get the free shipping for deal. I have been taking it everyday and have noticed my face is breaking out with acne. Don't feel much of an overall strength increase.
  • Author: MrChuito69
    I just love the quality of products Protein Factory has! I'm using Depo-Nitrolase 250, Cutting Formula, Flax Oil and Unleashed! Awesome stuff with great results!
  • Author: MrJgable01
    I must say the absolute best test booster I have ever tried......UNLEASHED!!!!
  • Author: Ben Tunney
    Don't waste your money. This product is full or 'libido enhancers' and has no noticable effects. Stick to the basics of protein, creatine, and some fish oil. Save your $$$$
  • Author: Peter
    Been taking for 4 days and strength is through the roof. A lot of general energy enthusiasm and sense of well being. Don't really have much need for a lot of sleep which might not be so good. Am not experiencing the increase in libido which is fine since I got it to help in the gym. Thanks great product.
  • Author: Rebellyus
    GOING TO START USING THIS WHEN ITS FUCKING AVAILABLE! SHITS ALWAYS SOLD OUT! a buddie of mine uses it and he sees all kind of gains!
  • Author: carrot
    I've used this supplement a month before submitting this review. I studied everything ingredient in both the unleashed and post cycle supplements and I would encourage you to do it as well. Both are superior in ingredients, quality and pice compared to others on the market that claim to do wonders with fancy packaging and pictures of very big men huge muscles that probably didn't even take the supplement at all. GNC sells a product for twice the price that only has tribulus in it. Tribulus is not proven to work any more than the supplements in PF's T supplements.
    For me they worked and so I ordered more. I woke up with some serous wood in the mornings, as I should. I also gained weight. I want to make something clear that some, unintelligent, people have assumed boosting libido is different from boosting testosterone. It is not, and is the same thing. Now, boosting growth human hormone would be different, but boosting HGH can put you as risk for cancer, so after having cancer four times, I don't want that again and I hope you don't want it either.
    PF is an excellent CO and I love their products!
  • Author: B Ruff
    Everytime I take this stuff I get rage. Im not kidding. As soon as I take it my fiance picks up on it that Im using this product. Essentially it gets me in trouble!! Anyway its a good product and reminds me if im juicing!!
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