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The Widest Selection and High Quality Whey Proteins In the World! No other place in the world offers the selection of whey protein that ProteinFactory.com® does! They are by far hands down the BEST place to get protein powder on the planet.

ProteinFactory.com® offers the highest quality whey protein powders in the world and the largest selection to choose from. Nowhere in the world and on the internet can you find more information about protein without the marketing hype. We back up our claims with facts, not here say. If you are looking for the truth and straight up FACTS about whey, then you have come to the right place. We source our proteins from all over the world. From whey protein concentrate made in New Zealand to the purest isolate in the world such as our Ultra Amino 97, which yields a protein percentage of 97% protein. We offer such a wide variety of whey protein powders because there are many different manufacturers in the world. Whey Protein powders from the United States of America will typically be less expensive with a great amino acid profile. Whey protein powders from New Zealand will come from dairy cows that are grass-fed year-round, hormone-treatment free-, and GMO-free. ProteinFactory.com® also carries native whey protein powders. Native Whey Powders come directly from milk instead of cheese making them theoretically more anabolic and easier to digest. Finally we carry a wide variety of pre-digest hydrolyzed whey protein. These proteins are perfect for post-workout nutrition. If you have any questions at all about whey protein powders, just ask!

When choosing which protein powder you want you should think of three things that would help you make your selection: price, need, and taste. If you are on a budget then you would want something like our 5lbs whey isolate or New Zealand whey protein concentrate. If you do not have a budget and want the best quality then go with our Native Whey Isolate. If you want to take advantage of our customization, then get yourself something that will really help your lean muscle mass goals and make a combination of whey isolate and hydrolyzed whey protein.

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