CFM Whey Isolate 2 lbs

CFM Whey Isolate 2 lbs

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Whey Protein Isolate

One of the world's highest quality whey protein isolate, CFM Whey Isolate is the cleanest form of whey protein. Isolation of the whey, using cross-flow microfiltration is the next processing step after concentration. It has a higher protein per serving ratio than whey concentrate. CFM Whey isolate yields over 90 grams of protein per 100 grams of whey. It is virtually fat and lactose free. CFM Whey Isolate yields a higher amount of BCAA’s, half of which come from the essential amino acids. CFM Whey protein Isolate is extremely digestible with a good taste.

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CFM Whey Isolate is the cleanest form of whey protein. Isolation of the whey, using cross-flow microfiltration is the next processing step after concentration. This yields a higher protein per serving ratio than whey protein concentrate. Whey isolates yield over 90 grams of protein per 100 grams of whey.

Benefits of CFM Whey Isolate:

  • Virtually fat & lactose free
  • Higher amount of BCAA’s – half of which comes from the essential amino acids
  • Extremely digestible
  • Great Taste & Mixability
  • Possesses more Calcium & less sodium than other Whey Isolates
  • Users report no experience with digestive problems

Whey protein isolate can be manufactured using different methods.® carries various types of whey isolate proteins. Thus we feel the need to inform our customers of each different method. Cross-Flow Microfiltration is a natural, high tech manufacturing process that uses ceramic filters to remove the fat, lactose, and other unwanted materials, hence isolating the protein. The protein is NOT subjected to chemicals, therefore the protein is left unharmed and in its original state. This leads to added benefits over ion-exchange whey isolate, here are a few...

CFM Whey Protein Advantages as Compared to Ion-Exchange Whey Isolate
1. Cross-flow microfiltration possesses more calcium and less sodium than ion-exchange.

Note: Glanbia Data
2. Cross-Flow Microfiltration Protein contains different proteins that add to its appeal which ion-exchange does not posses. These proteins are important in the immune system and maintaining biological activity of some proteins. Thus athletes with a risk of over training or intense training bodybuilders would benefit from CFM Whey Isolate.

Alpha-Lactabumin found naturally in CFM Whey Protein helps in the process of digesting minerals and enhancing the immune system.

Glycomacropeptides, naturally found in CFM Whey Protein enhances the immune system by viruses binding to the whey protein instead of the intestinal tract, thus less the chance of becoming infected.

WARNING! Some nutrition companies try to use the words cross-flow microfiltration in their list of ingredients when actually they're using none at all. Cross-flow microfiltration whey isolate is trademarked by Glanbia. The label must possess the trademarked symbol.

Athletic and Nutritional Information
The ideal source of whey protein for weight training athletes. Users reported no experience with digestive problems such as gas, bloating, and diarrhea as commonly associated with whey protein concentrate. Users also reported higher lean muscle gains with whey isolate over concentrate due to it's higher P.E.R. value. This means, more weight is gained from every gram of whey isolate taken. Although twice as expensive as whey concentrate, the benefits outweigh the price. If one wants protein and not fat and carbohydrates, then choose whey isolate.

CFM Whey Protein should be consumed by recreational bodybuilders, amateur athletes, and professional bodybuilders. Great for bodybuilders and consumers who are lactose intolerant.

Many companies claim to use whey isolate but do not. Remember, isolated whey protein costs twice as much to manufacture therefore their profit margin would be drastically reduced, which is why there are so many whey concentrates on the market and whey complexes (combinations of WPC & WPI). Look at the nutritional facts, if the label reads 2 or more carbohydrates it usually is a concentrate or contains it. Once again beware of proprietary information.

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Customer Reviews

  • Author:
    I've been using PF CFM Whey Isolate since the Protein Factory's opening and I've always found it be the best tasting, easiest to mix protein on the market. I've tried chocolate (my favorite), strawberry, and vanilla and found each to taste great, especially when sweetened with Splenda.

    Aside from the great taste, I had excellent results in size and strength when using this protein in conjunction with a rigorous weight training regimen. Using this highly absorbable form of protein, my lifts and muscularity increased significantly. I would definately recommend this protein to anyone who likes pure, high quality protein, that doesn't come at the expense of taste.

  • Author:
    I have been using the CFM Whey Isolate for a while now. I've tried other Whey Isolates, and from what I read, this is of the highest quality compared to the other ones I've tried, and it tastes great (I get Vanilla with neosweet). I use for right after a workout with a sports drink. The price is great too! I use other protein factory products as well and I have been getting results. For now I am focusing on cutting and learning a lot from protein factory products and customer service. Thanks Protein Factory.
  • Author:
    CFM Whey Isolate is economical, high quality protein and it mixes well, also. I'll never shop a retail chain again!
  • Author:
    I have made purchases of the CFM and ISO-Chill Whey Isolates from the protein factory. What I like the best is that I can customize my mixtures to my specifications, unlike other companies where you buy what they are pushing or forget it. I am also very much pleased with the flavor and sweetener choices that are available here - most just offer
    chocolate, vanilla and strawberry.
  • Author:
    I was introduced to Protein Factory from another satisfied customer. I still thank him for all he has taught me. I knew from my first order at Protein Factory that I was getting high quality ingredients. I had a custom mix with the CFM Whey Isolate and could tell from the first shake that I had made the right choice. This stuff blows away the store brands in quality and taste.
    Thanks Protein Factory for high quality and great customer service. And thanks Sean for introducing me to Protein Factory.
  • Author: Robert O'Dell
    This stuff's great in Chocolate sweetened with Splenda. It mixes very quickly and thoroughly in milk or water. And you can't beat the price.

    Thanks Protein Factory.
  • Author:
    The CFM Whey Isolate is great! Mixes REALLY easy in water (so does the P12 Creatine - I mix them together as a post workout drink)! I tried the banana with Splenda, and while the flavor isn't that strong, the protein tastes great (no bad tastes whatsoever). Highly recommended whey!
  • Author:
    Excellent product. Much easier to take than Whey Concentrate. I have found the perfect protein.
  • Author:
    I use the CFM Whey Isolate with the Micellar Casein and once I started using this combo I finally started gaining musle after working out for 6 months with no results. I guess I wasn't getting enough protein! I'm pretty happy that I'm in my mid-thirties and am seeing monthlly gains in my muscle mass using this product.
  • Author:
    Everybody knows that protein is what you need to buld muscle. This is the highest quality type of protein, and its an incredible value. At my local nutrition shop I thought I was getting a good deal, but for the same amount of money I get 80% more protein from protein factory. Thats nearly twice the value! I won't even go into how much this stuff would cost at GNC.

    If you want the best absorbed and most utilized protein, get this one. And if you want the best value, get it form Protein Factory.
  • Author:
    Every time I went in to a cutting phase I dropped body fat AND lean body mass. When I started using CFM as my post workout protein, my cutting phases are very different. I only drop body fat while keeping my hard earned muscle. I really love this product.
  • Author: dustin nergaard
    I bought vanilla and it tasted like garbage, when i would use it in my shaker it
    Made a weird foam. I threw more then half of it out because it made me gag..
    Odd that no one else has had this issue.
  • Author:
    I have been using the CFM whey isolate from the Protein Factory for almost 2 years. It is by far the best post workout protein I have found. It mixes extemely well and the taste is exceptional. I recommend this to anyone looking for a high quality powder.
  • Author:
    I take a protein shake simply to enhance my protein intake, I'm not particularly trying to gain muscle mass. The taste (I've tried vanilla and chocolate with sucralose sweetner) and quality of this whey isolate has me sold. Why pay more?
  • Author:
    This is THE BEST protein powder I have ever used. It tastes really great and can be easily added to shakes or oatmeal, etc. without altering the flavor of the food you put it in. Not only is it great tasting but it it mixes very easily and doesn't tend to clump like other brands I've tried. I have the vanilla and chocolate with the neosweet and also the unflavored and love them all. I have tried other protein powders and they don't compare - this is the best and for a great price to boot.
  • Author:
    The best protein powder I've found, and the price is great. I add it to my hydration pack on XC mtn bike trips and experience no "bonking" and much faster recovery on my 30-mile, 5000 ft. vertical climb outings.
  • Author:
    This is the only form of protein I am currently using and I am having great results in the gym. I purchased the chocolate flavor using splenda and it dissolves in water in about 1 minute and has a good taste. Since I am a college student I have to be concerned with the cost of my products and I have yet to find a better quality protein for the price. The service from protein factory was great and received my package in 5 business days. Thanks PF
  • Author:
    this is my first experience using a protein product and i was a bit apprehensive when recommended, but i was VERY pleasantly surprised! i got the chocolate and vanilla sweetened with splenda and have found they mix easily with water (have also used the vanilla with vanilla soy milk .. yum!). the vanilla IS naturally sweet so next time i may request half the amount of sweetener. when taken before a workout i feel so much more energized and never 'exhausted' when done ... :-). thank you!
  • Author:
    In the past, I had difficulty digesting whey concentrate (no aminogen), and this whey isolate with aminogen is a godsend. Easy to mix and easy to digest. It may cost a little more, but I recommend it without reservation.
  • Author:
    This is the best protein isolate on the market in my opinion. I recently purchased 5lbs of strawberry and 5 lbs of banana (each sweetend with splenda) and they are both excellent. (Even better when mixed together!) This protein mixes better than any other product I have purchased in the past. Shipping is extremely fast, and overall I am more than satisfied with my past purchases from Protein Factory! Thanks for everything!
  • Author:
    I've been using this stuff for several months now. It mixes easy and hasn't given me ANY gas, bloating or digestive problems yet, unlike most of the other whey isolates I've tried.
  • Author:
    This stuff isn't bad. The taste is decent. Doesn't give me gas. Digests pretty easily. Though for the money I would go with the 520 instead.
  • Author:
    I have not been able to lose weight until I started on this protein. I have lost 25 pounds steadily in over 5 months without losing lean mass, but dropping body fat by 11%. This is a godsend.
    Thank you for bringing us this protein.
    This product is amazing. I have ben using a combo of CFM isolate, micellar, and super bovine as my protein base with oatmuscle. Great results. I have noticed lean gains and an increase of energy. I'll be coming here for all my protein needs.
  • Author: Thomas Jackson (
    Product mixed very well, but the chocolate flavor was terrible, tasted like mud in a cup even with the splenda. But I really liked the strawberry flavor with splenda. Going to try the cookies'n cream or vanilla next though. Overall Ilke this product, cost much less than GNC's whey protein. Customer service is phenominal, I'll be ordering more product very soon, except the chocolate...
  • Author: Ninja Albert
    really the best Whey Isolate available. i use it really all day... taste is great! i can even use it pre-workout without feeling bloating or slow.
  • Author: gdaymate
    I haven't even tried this yet as I just received the promo package today. But I do want to thank Melissa and Alex who quietly went about replacing my order, which went missing in transit, and sent it on its way the 2nd time Express Mail! Very impressed and professional!!

    If the product is as great as the service, I'll definitely be back!!

    Cheers guys
  • Author: MACY ARMSTRONG (
  • Author: RYAN
    It's good, but the Bio fresh whey tastes better.
  • Author: Hank
    CFM is truly a great whey isolate, if not the best. it may not be as fresh as Bio fresh or its protein content not as high as the ultra amino 97 but CFM is clean! (altho i have no clue how bio fresh is processed) plus it has a lot smaller sodium profile.

    Vanilla + stevia + milk = the ultimate shake. it reallly is that good. One of my staple protein powders.
  • Author: Daniel Catapano
    don't mess around with protein. You don't need fancy labels, ingredients you cant pronounce, and unnecessary fat and sugar to add taste. Isolate is pure and if you stick with vanilla and chocolate with some splenda it tastes really good. This is high quality stuff. Look at the amino profile and compare it to the brand names out there. Hands down Protein Factory is the best. I wont use anything else and the affect on how I feel has been remarkable
  • Author: Joe DeGroot(
    This stuff is AMAZING! I like the chocolate and mix it with water, the taste is "so-so" but that's on me for the plain mix. I'll experiment with some of the other suggestions as I plan on buying much more in the future.
  • Author: Crae Gilman
    Amazing, amazing product. Very little water needed to mix it and never clumps. Tastes great especially with milk. Perfect post workout protein.
  • Author: Tommy Durant
    What happened to other flavors like strawberry? Choc and vanilla? that's it?
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