1 Trick To Tell If Your Fat Burner is Ripping You Off!

In my last piece about fat burners, “Top Ten Fat Burners On Amazon & Why They Suck”, I gave you my reasons why these fat burners suck.  But I noticed something that was very common in all of them that is one of the sneakiest and common things supplement companies do to increase their profit margins, but make their labels…

LOOK REALLY SCIENTIFIC & NEATO LOOKING!!  (yes I used the word neato…Bobby from the Brady Bunch used that term alot, BIG FAN! and yes I just dated myself)

I would say 95 to 99% of the people buying these fat burners have no clue what I am about to talk about.  Nor would be able to figure out if this is the case with the fat burner that they are using or about to buy.  It is very difficult to figure out so that is why I am going to try to explain it to you.

You see there are  very common tactics that supplement companies will use.  These tactics are:

Under Dosing, Dusting, Proprietary Blend, or Synergistic Formula’s 

Now you may have heard about this already.  Companies trying to say they fully disclose their formulas and do not use proprietary blends.  But they are just bullshitting you.  Because they know that you DON’T know the proper dose of certain ingredients that should be used.   They will tell you they are against proprietary blends but mean while they are selling a freakin proprietary blend and the same time under dosing on the ingredients.

So I want to talk about under dosing on certain fat loss ingredients so that you can figure out which supplement companies are scamming you.  But before I start I want to make something clear.

SYNERGISTIC BLENDS are a freakin scam.  So after I point these under dosed ingredients out..Don’t let these supplement companies try to blow smoke up your ass and try to say, “Well we do not need the full dose because it works synergistically with our other ingredients”.  That is a complete lie.

What I did was go over to Bodybuilding.com, and looked at their top ten fat burners as of Sept 17th 2015 and I’ll show you examples of under dosed ingredients.

It’s crazy, because you’ll be thinking to yourself.  WTF…is every freakin supplement company a con game?  Where are the honest supplement companies?  It’s sad but its the truth……the supplement industry is just filled with scum.

Let’s begin shall we?  I’m starting with #10 and working my way up.

#10.  This is your classic, hide behind a proprietary blend.  I went over to their website and asked them how much Capsimax  (The dose should be 150mg) is in their supplement and they said this

“The Casimax is part of our proprietary blend and we are unauthorized to disclose this information. However, I can say that the ingredients on the label are listed in order from most weight to least. Sorry Alex, I know this isn’t the most helpful response. We aim to keep these blends protected in order to protect this blend from other companies who may try to replicate the formula.”

As you can see, this is pretty much the standard answer (excuse) from supplement companies that under dose on ingredients and the reason they can’t tell you.  Someone might steal their shitty formula!

#7.  Now this is a really tricky one and something fishy is going on.  If you look at the supplement facts panel you’ll see the Advantra Z listed at 50% Synephrine (this is the first picture).  However the company that actually makes Advantra Z (Nutratech) only offers it at 30% (the picture below the first one, it is a screen shot from their website).  All I have to say is ..HMMMMMM I smell horseshit!  Hey maybe they made a special BLEND just for this company…cough cough

lipo6advantra Z


#6.  This label is so fucked up and against the FDA regulations 111’s its not even funny.  Just looking at the label screams, “WE HAVE NO CLUE WHAT THE HELL WE ARE DOING WHEN IT COMES TO MAKING SUPPLEMENTS!!  WE HAVE NO FDA REGULATORY QUALITY CONTROL IN PLACE!!!”

If you should know one dang this when looking at a supplement facts panel is this.  Say it with me!!


Correct me little supplement students!  Good job..you get an “A+” for the day!

Let’s get into the under dosing though.  Here is a screen shot of the website of the company that makes Carnosyn.  Here is the dosage they recommend.  It looks like about 2.4 grams per day for 4 to 6 weeks.



Now lets take a look at #6 label.

Now what I don’t like about this is that it is hiding behind a proprietary blend.  It LOOKS like they could be using the amount recommended..buy why hide it?

#5.  Never, EVER, EVER buy a supplement that has CLA in it.  It needs to be purchased in liquid form and you need several GRAMS of it divided throughout the day just to give you a CHANCE that it is effective.  A measly 500mg that this supplement contains is simply worthless.

The below picture is  a screen shot of the recommended dosage of Tonalin CLA.  It is 3 grams per day!


Now the next one is a complete joke.  They say they are AGAINST proprietary blends and they say they use the correct dosage.  But looking at the ingredients is a different story.

Here is the recommended CLINICAL dose from the makers of Advantra-Z


100mg to 120mg, 2 to 3 times a day.

Now go over to bodybuilding.com and look for a product that has Advantra Z in it.  You’ll find out what a freakin joke it really is.

Finally the #1 product over there contains 500mg of Clarinol CLA.  A complete waste and completely under dosed.  (see the above picture of how much CLA should really be used.

In conclusion when I go over my fat loss supplement stack probably tomorrow I will be telling you which products to buy that have the correct dose that are sold by companies that I have found to be hopefully following the CFR 111’s for dietary supplements.  Not like the shit shown above.