It’s a simple formula — if you want to be more muscular, you need to get bigger,  and in order to get bigger, you need to gain weight.  But not all additional pounds are created equal.

Obviously, the intention is to put on as much muscle with as little fat as possible. But sometimes that approach can be counter productive. People speak of “lean bulking”  but the bottom line comes down to the fact that not all gains can be pure muscle. In fact, it’s almost impossible to put on muscle without the body overall adjusting to carrying more size and weight. And that comes from calories.

Now the most logical caloric addition should be in the way of protein. In that way, as much muscle that can be possibly gained will have the building blocks to do so.  Yet, even a calorie surplus from protein can result in a little fat gain. But don’t despair!  You’re a bodybuilder, right?  You can use that extra fat as fuel for more exercise.  That’s basically the only way to get more mass.  Eat more and train more.

Though it may seem that eating more is an enjoyable task, it isn’t always as easy as it sounds.  Just pigging out on ice cream and cake isn’t going to cut it.  You need all the macronutrients — protein, fats and carbs, from healthy food and supplements. Once you have a decent  diet in order, here are ten steps you can take to make sure those gains come as quickly as possible.

#10:  Snack on nuts

Nuts are a high caloric food rich in good heart healthy unsaturated fats.  They provide energy as well as a good source of selenium — a nutrient almost absent in food today due to depleted soil.   They’ve also been shown to lower bad cholesterol. (LDL).  And they don’t fill you up so you add an extra 500 calories a day just from nibbling!  (Something else to keep fun mind just in case you’re looking to LOSE weight!)

#9: Olives too!

Olives are very high in calories. No wonder — they’re all fat!  But it’s also the heart healthy Omega 3 and Omega 6 kind. Plus, olives are loaded with anti oxidants.

#8:  Don’t Do Aerobics

Don’t worry…your heart won’t suffer if you cut the aerobics for a couple of months. As long as you’re working out and staying active with walking, biking, etc, you’ll be fine. You just won’t be using up so many calories. That leads to weight gain.

#7: Train Heavy

Heavy training hits the bigger Type II muscle fibers. The more they’re directly worked with heavy compound movements,  the greater chance for more overall size.

#6: Water, Water Everywhere!

Muscle is mostly made of water and it cannot grow is a dehydrated state. You must always stay flushed with water to remove toxins, add bulk and allow for maximum muscle growth. Drink all day long!

#5:  Protein is King

This has been mentioned but it bears repeating.  Shoot for at least 200 mrs of protein a day. Use shakes for quick shots of amino without getting to filled up.   I recommend of course of whey protein isolate.

#4:  Sleep

Adding just  an extra hour of deep sleep every night can increase gains by 25%.  Besides the reduction of stress and added recuperation, deep sleep releases growth hormone and that too will result in more size.

#3: Eggs

This is a tactic the old timers relied on.  Hard boil a half dozen eggs and leave them in the refrigerator and eat them by the end of the day. Eggs have all the nutrients available for growth. In many ways they are the ultimate food.

#2: Meat

Red meat gets a bad rap but there’s still a belief that nothing turns into muscle tissue better than muscle tissue.  Meat also contains natural creatine which helps the muscle absorb fluids.

#1: Boost Testosterone

Testosterone is the number one ingredient needed to build muscle. Since all steroids are based off of the testosterone molecule that’s the reason they work so well. But testosterone can be increased naturally.  Just don’t buy into the hype with commercial outlet testosterone boosters. Those companies are usually not very  knowledgable in hormone therapy. You need specific ingredients that increase free, bioavailable testosterone, mainly Avenacosides A&B.  And for that, there’s no better source than UNLEASHED.

UNLEASHED has been the leading testosterone booster among advanced athletes for over 10 years and going strong. That’s because it’s been proven to work. If you want more testosterone, UNLEASHED is the answer.

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