Were you interested in Gym before the COVID-19 outbreak? What do you do during the lockdowns while Gyms are closed?

One smart way is to pursue home fitness workouts. This way, you can stay safe and help the government solve the problem of the coronavirus pandemic at lower costs.

Moreover, when you work out at home, you have the luxury of time for extra exercise 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, without having to pay lots of money.

Of course, to be able to work out at your home just like at a gym, you need some essential equipment and devices. Without these devices, you can’t have a healthy and efficient workout, and that’s why we’ve gathered a list of necessary equipment.

  1. Emergency Medical Equipment

Remember that safety comes first. Before starting any physical activities, you need to make sure that you’ve considered all things, especially medical equipment like blood pressure monitors, AED, glucometer.

Injuries have always been part of sports and physical activities, so you have to be sure that you’re prepared to face them. Also, measuring some important parameters like blood pressure and sugar can help you devise a suitable plan for your condition.

Of course, it might be a bit pricey for you to buy such medical equipment for your home. Fortunately, there are valid suppliers like Med Equip Inc. that will provide you with certified used medical equipment.

  1. Barbell

Barbells are essential fitness equipment for everybody and can’t be ignored in your daily workout. You might not have enough room for a full-sized barbell, and you’d better choose smaller options for your home gym.

These are around 5 feet long and weigh about 25 lbs. So if you buy one of them, it won’t occupy as much space as the standard barbells do.

  1. Heavy Bag

Heavy-bag workouts have many beneficial aspects, such as enhanced aerobic fitness, core stability, power, speed, coordination, and endurance.

If you want to improve your strength in your upper body, this is must-have fitness equipment for your home.

  1. Balance Trainer

This fitness equipment was invented in 1999 and is often used for balance training. Here are the best Balance Trainers on the market:

  1. Bosu Elite Balance Trainer
  2. Bosu Pro Balance Trainer
  3. RitFit Balance Ball Trainer with Resistance Bands
  4. Giantex Ball Balance Trainer
  5. Weighted Arm Bands

These are wearable weight bracelets, useful for dance, fitness, home exercise, walking, jogging, gymnastics, yoga, etc.

Remember that even a little weight works miracles when exercising. Of course, its weight shouldn’t exceed unless you’ll hurt your health.

  1. Weighted Vest

You can add an extra challenge to your workouts with these weighted vests. A normal-size vest weighs around 20-lb which works miracles in burning your fats. 

Of course, you need to be worried about your health when using these vests. Unbalanced weighted vests can increase the risk of falling. Also, if you already have knee or back pain, using a weighted vest may worsen it.

  1. Indoor Cycling Exercise Bike

Cycling can have a significant role in burning your calories, especially when you do it on a stationary bike.

Try to have one of these bikes to be able to burn up to 300 to 700 kcal per hour at your home. It’s also very efficient in burning belly fat which many of us are suffering from in the age of pandemic.

  1. TRX Bands

TRX (Total Resistance eXercise) bands have some benefits for your fitness workouts. When it comes to the core muscles, TRX bands are really better than many other exercises.

As it comes from the name, this is a full-body training system that is useful for building muscle while improving your posture and alignment. It’s good to know that you can vary the degree of its difficulty by changing the angle of your body.

  1. Medicine Ball

Medicine ball training is more effective than traditional strength training methods when it comes to throwing and swinging performance.

The medicine ball you buy should be heavy enough to slow down your motion a bit. However, remember that it shouldn’t be so heavy that it makes you lose control, accuracy, and range of your motion.

  1. Treadmill

If you’re into cardio exercises, a treadmill is a piece of must-have equipment at your home gym. Using a treadmill is one of the excellent ways of burning calories, and therefore, losing weight. There are different types of treadmills, and you’d better talk to a certified personal trainer.

A smart treadmill provides you with a vast range of workout options, such as streaming group fitness classes to guided runs.

  1. Sliders

Sliders are also known as “instability surface”—these pieces of equipment force you to engage your muscles the entire workout time. 

They enhance body-weight exercises such as lunges, pikes, and mountain climbers by making you face a greater challenge in terms of stability.

  1. Exercise Bench

An exercise bench is must-have fitness equipment if you’re serious about lifting weights. This bench lets you do a variety of exercises that you wouldn’t be able to do in a standing position. As a result, you’ll be able to focus on any specific area of your body and reach your fitness goals faster.

Final thoughts

Home fitness is now very sought-after among all people and even professionals. If you do a quick google search, you’ll find lots of videos on home training tips that are so helpful in the age of the COVID-19 pandemic. Try to set aside a certain budget considering your space at your home to buy new-used fitness equipment.