protein bar

Protein is a significant and imperative supplement when it comes to fit and healthy diet. If you follow an athlete lifestyle that includes rigorous regimes of work and workout almost daily, then you are no stranger to the importance that protein carries in maintaining fitness.It is also essential in providing various significant benefits such as muscle recovery, cutting-off excess weight, and even regulate blood pressure and blood sugar levels.

While a busy lifestyle is a major influencer in affecting our health and nutrition intake, protein bars are a well-known alternative when it comes to working as a reliable nutritional and protein supplement, especially in the case where cooking a meal is simply not wise.

When it comes to snacks that can be fulfilling, and nutritious, there’s absolutely nothing that beats the pros of a protein bar. A protein bar with appropriate nutritional content and calorie that is somewhat around 200 calories is a perfect choice when it comes to snack treats. Anything more than that and it’s not a snack anymore! Higher calorie bars are more associated with pre and post workouts, and simply don’t fit in the snacks category.

There are several protein bars available in the market and you, certainly wouldn’t want to prefer one that is stuffed with sugar and filler ingredients, which can highly affect your metabolism rather than boosting it, opposed to the results that are actually expected.However, some protein bars still promise to be up to the mark when it comes to delivering nutritional benefits, thus making them a perfect snack and ideal meal replacement.

Here is a list of 5 best protein bars that are convenient, filling and nutritious:

1.    Detour Low Sugar Chocolate Chip Caramel and Caramel Peanut Protein Bar

Detour is one of those brands that not only focuses on the elite athlete but creates products that provide the best in class snack protein bar for everyone alike, now whether it is a weekend fun seeker or a working mother!

Detour bars are well known for their low sugar content and calorie level that well under 200 calories, thus making it a perfect snack. Whey protein content makes it easy to digest, and the added BCAA(branch chained Amino Acids) plays its part of taking care of any muscle loss and helps you feel afresh and ready-to-go in no time.Besides, they simply taste amazing with their natural flavor, and are a low sugar, low calorie containing bars, ideal for a snack.

2.    Quest Nutrition Protein Bars

A protein bar that is loaded with plenty of protein, low in sugar and made up of all-natural ingredients, Quest protein bar is another preferable alternative snack for on-the-go meals and is best suited for the low-fat seekers. These bars also stand up to the mark of being a 200 calorie meal, thus making it ideal for snacks. Quest Nutrition also works to satisfy any extra craving by providing a variety of flavors and variants in the same.

However, the natural ingredients so used in the bar such as milk, almonds and nuts can sometimes be a troublemaker for people that have nut allergies and lactose intolerance. This bar is to be avoided if you have any of the above health problems. 

3.    Pure Protein High Protein Bars

One of the most common choices of protein bars when it comes to high protein content is Pure Protein Protein Bar. This bar has a relatively higher protein to carb ratio, which makes it an ideal snack for athletes.

With only 2gm sugar content, Pure Protein Protein bar serves great for snacks.  This bar has a relatively higher net carbohydrate content as compared to the other protein bars in the list, and tends to deliver at-par satisfaction, quality, and value to its user. This is another recommended protein bar to be used as a nutritious and fulfilling snack.

4.    KIND Whole Fruit Protein Bar

A vegan protein bar that is highly known and recommended for its unique, extravagant taste, and natural ingredients, KING Whole Fruit protein bar is best suited for people that have nut allergies – thanks to its nut-free recipe.

These bars are super yummy, tasty, and a complete nutritional supplement to be treated as an ideal snack. The various flavors available in the Variety Pack is also an additional benefit of going for this Protein bar,and is also a preferable choice for Vegans.

5.    Go Macro Organic Protein Bar

Go Macro is an award-winning brand, well known for its wide and delicious range of protein bars. Go Macro Organic Protein bars are made up of completely natural ingredients that is preservative free, and consists of a perfect balance of protein and macro-nutrients.

 This protein bar can also be preferred by vegans. There is only one major setback, these bars are a no-go for people with nut allergies.

These above chosen protein bars are the best choice of protein bars when it comes to appetite filing and nutritious meal and you can, without a doubt choose any of the above bars as a part of your ready-to-go snack.