We are all aware that starting your day with a good amount of protein is vital. This can minimize hunger and cravings all day long and it will give you the strength to start the day right by being productive. Research also supports that a high protein breakfast aids in weight loss, this would be due to the fact that protein takes longer to digest therefore keeps you satiated for longer. A study compared two groups of people losing weight. The group eating 12 grams of protein for breakfast lost more weight in the same amount of time than the people that consumed a lower protein breakfast. 

Now eggs are the go-to ingredient for a protein-filled breakfast however, while we love eggs, some days we need a break from them. These recipes will include both egg-free and eggy breakfasts to start your day off right. 

Breakfast foods – other than eggs – that are high in protein include:

  • Lean pork or chicken sausages 
  • Black beans 
  • Greek yogurt 
  • Cottage cheese
  • Any type of nut butter or whole nuts 
  • Protein powder 
  • Oats 

Here are 7 protein-packed breakfast ideas: 

  1. Doubled protein black bean omelet 

You can use up to a full can of black beans to prepare this quick southern-style omelet and benefit from its high protein level. Unless you’re cooking for your whole family you won’t be using the full can of beans.

In order to get the most out of this meal, you should measure out 40-80grams of black beans, depending on how much you want to consume. It is also recommended that the whole egg be consumed instead of just the egg whites. Although many people suggest that the egg whites are the best part of the egg to eat for high protein intake, eating the whole egg will make the meal more filling, therefore, increasing satiation. The egg yolk is filled with the nutrient choline which has been proven to reduce body fat. 

Along with the protein from the eggs, you’re also getting plant-based protein. This provides a good balance of both proteins rather than just the animal protein. Black beans are proven to lower blood pressure, managing diabetes, and improving your digestion. 

  1. Overnight oats 

Overnight oats are the newest breakfast food trend that has traveled the world. They have a higher fiber and nutritional content than if they were cooked. This is because when they’re soaked overnight the starch in the oats is broken down and more nutrients are absorbed by the oats. The acid in the oats is also broken down during the soaking process. This makes them a great food to aid digestion. 

You can choose from various recipes for overnight oats according to your tastes. The main rule is that, before ingestion, oats need to be soaking in the liquid for 7-8 hours. Milk, water, almond or coconut milk, or even curd can be used. Once left overnight, a selection of fruits and nuts can be added the next morning. You can add flavorings such as cinnamon or vanilla to the oats before soaking for a burst of flavor. If you want to taste more savory, you can soak it in any of the liquids listed above and you can preferably add ghee, salt, and spices.

  1. Hard-boiled eggs and cottage cheese

If you’re not someone who is very hungry in the morning and is looking for foods that are light on the stomach, boiled eggs and vegetables to go with it is a good option. You can make your own plate of anything in your cupboards or fridge. 

A good plate would contain a hard-boiled egg or two and add some cottage cheese, cucumbers, carrots, almonds, and any type of seasonal fruit to your liking. A great website with recipes for boiled eggs and other similar meals is corrie cooks. This meal can also be packed into a bento box so you can graze throughout the morning whenever you feel hungry. 

The protein in this meal comes from the eggs, the nuts, and the cottage cheese. Half a cup of cottage cheese contains 16 grams of protein – as much protein that is in 2 punches of cooked chicken. These three protein-filled foods mean a small serving will keep you just as satiated as a large plate.

  1. Smoked salmon sandwich 

We’ve all had times where we just felt like eating a dense bagel with cream cheese for breakfast. However, you can make an alternative that will satisfy your savory glands just as much and is richer in nutrients. Instead of a bagel, you can switch it out for Ezekiel bread which is full of protein (4 grams per slice). Switch out the cream cheese for Greek yogurt and add your usual bagel toppings. A piece of smoked salmon is an option for adding more protein to the meal but this can be replaced with any sort of chicken or marinated tofu. Other toppings include capers, red onion, leafy greens, and tomatoes. 

This option is a perfect breakfast for someone who craves savory foods first thing in the morning. The best part is that it tastes even better than the average bagel and cream cheese and it contains double the protein and nutrients. 

  1. Protein pancakes 

Just as the salmon sandwich was a go-to for savory lovers, protein pancakes are a go-to for sweet lovers. Pancakes are so easy to make because you can just pop all the ingredients in a blender and stick them in a pan. 

Ingredients for most protein pancakes include bananas (as a healthy sweetener), rolled oats, oat flour or almond flour, protein powder, water or milk, and eggs which are optional. The eggs give the extra protein boost however they aren’t needed because the pancakes provide enough protein with the protein powder. Blend these ingredients up with many flavors like cinnamon or vanilla and you have your pancake batter. 

The best part about these is choosing the toppings to go on top. For an extra kick of protein adding some nut butter is a super great idea. These pancakes also taste good with some greek yogurt. And lastly, something you can’t miss is the maple syrup, agave, or honey. 

  1. Chia pudding 

Similar to the overnight oats, this breakfast became super trendy last summer. Having plain greek yogurt with fruit for breakfast has become a boring meal, chia pudding is an even more nutrient-dense meal. This meal has so many different ways you can flavor it that you could probably have it every day of the week in different tastes. Chia seeds provide an easy way to get loads of protein, fiber, and healthy fats into your diet. 

This meal does require an overnight set in the fridge. All that is necessary to do is mix half a cup of chia seeds and a cup of milk together and let it sit in the fridge overnight. Just like with overnight oats you can add fruits, nuts, and flavorings to it as well when it is setting. 

According to Cleaveland Clinic chia seeds are filled with omega-3 acids, fats that promote heart and joint health. They also aid memory. This pudding will be a game-changer to your health, they also keep your blood sugar levels balanced and are full of antioxidants and powerful nutrients and minerals such as potassium, iron and calcium.