Recently the FDA sent warning letters to 7 supplement companies for selling a dietary supplement with an ingredient(s) the FDA does not feel is a safe dietary supplement.  The ingredient in question is methylsynephrine AKA Oxilofrine and p-hydroxyephedrine.  The other ingredient is picamilon is also called, among other names, pikatropin, pikamilon, nicotinyl-gamma-aminobutyric acid, and nicotinoyl-GABA.

The FDA issued warning letters to the following companies.

In layman’s terms these companies have 15 days to give the FDA a reply on what they are going to do with their supplements that contain these ingredients.  My opinion is that they should inform the FDA that they are recalling the product, contacting current customers that they have sold the product to and tell them to discontinue it, and tell the FDA they are discontinueing and no longer will manufacture the product.

Now here is the part I worry about.  WHO exactly is making this product?  I would love to find our the contract packager if any of these companies used one.  Because that is like finding the hornets nest.  Because this contract packager is clearly violating the FDA regulations and that means most likely they are making mis-branded supplements for ALL of their customers (supplement companies), which could be in the hundreds.

The supplement industry is such a dirty, low-life industry.

Remember always buy your supplements from.

  1.  Supplement companies that are registered with the FDA
  2. Supplement companies that give you a 3rd party lab analysis

That will ensure you are getting safe and true to label claim products