Our commitment to quality control is unparalleled & second to none.  We take this approach because we want to earn your business by providing you with protein & supplements that are safe & true to label claims.

3rd Party Testing

All of our products undergo a 3rd party laboratory analysis before they are sold to you.  This is the only way to guarantee label claim.  Over 70% of our competition does not conduct 3rd party testing.  Ask to see the 3rd party lab assay.

Whey Supplements vs Whey Food

A topic that all whey protein users must  understand before you buy and use whey protein powder.

Batch Records

This is essentially the recipe for a protein supplement a company is selling.  We can provide batch records on demand.  Unfortunately many companies selling protein powders cannot.

Qualified Experts

Proteinfactory.com employees qualified personel that are experts in the FDA 111’s for manufacturing dietary supplements.