oral protein supplements

Malnutrition is a serious condition that millions of people are suffering from on a daily basis. If you are not currently suffering from the condition it doesn’t mean that you aren’t at risk. Both adults and children are at risk of malnutrition and this isn’t just a condition that occurs because you aren’t getting enough food. Malnutrition can occur when you don’t eat enough of the right types of foods and it can even occur when your body is unable to process the food that you do eat. However, recent studies have shown that oral protein supplements could be helpful in the management of malnutrition.

A Background Of Poor Nutrition 

Malnutrition is extremely common in children that are dealing with certain chronic diseases like pediatric cancer and cystic fibrosis. A lack of growth can occur because the child isn’t consuming the right amount of protein. And, the lack of protein is either due to the fact that the child has a loss of appetite or just can’t absorb the protein that he or she is consuming. In these situations, oral protein supplements like milk or juices can improve the situation. The child in question might even see an increase in growth and weight gain. However, the only problem to completely relying on these substances is that they can have somewhat of a negative effect of the child’s eating habits. Supplementing these substances with protein rich food is always your best option.

Treating Malnutrition With Oral Supplements 

Any professional at Arista Dental Clinic will tell you that oral nutrition supplements, like whey protein, can provide calories, proteins and minerals to individuals that are unable to consume adequate nutrients and calories from food. These supplements can be found in ready-to-drink liquid and powder forms. There really are a number of individuals that can benefit from these types of supplements. This would include elderly individuals, children with low birth weights, people that have suffered traumatic injuries, individuals with food allergies, cancer patients, people that are suffering from organ failure, individuals with intestinal inflammatory disorders, and anyone that is suffering from an infectious disease.

Once your body enters a malnourished state it will lower the immune response. When the immune response is lowered it slows down the healing and repair processes. It also makes you more prone to developing diseases and disorders. This will eventually lead to longer hospital stays and an increase in your healthcare costs. Individuals that are at risk really have a better chance of thriving when they take oral protein supplements.

Benefits Of Oral Protein Supplements 

Oral protein supplements can come along with a lot of benefits. To start off they can improve the body weight, physical and cognitive function, hand grip strength and social function Hand grip strength is extremely important for elderly individuals that are already having a hard time getting around. Increasing your protein intake with these supplements can even reduce the risk of post-surgical complications, which is something that you want to avoid if you are currently undergoing lots of surgical procedures. These supplements can also reduce the amount of time that you have to spend in the hospital.