What Is Assassin Pre Workout?

Assassin pre workout is a dietary supplement formulated to be used before one begins to workout or train. It is an amphetamine supplement meant to increase energy levels via body stimulating components.

The following is a review of Assassin pre workout supplement. This review is based on my opinion. I am a supplement expert and have been involved in the dietary supplement industry since 1998. I have manufactured dietary supplements, and I am fully knowledgeable in the Code Of Federal Regulations 111’s For Dietary Supplements

assassin pre workout
Assassin Pre Workout Supplement

Who Makes Assassin Pre Workout?

Assassin pre workout is made by a company called Apollon Nutrition. They are based in New Jersey, according to their address on their website. I googled the address, and using street view; they are located inside the Apollon Gym. (see image below).

assassin pre workout headquarters

I have been inside this gym years ago, and I can tell you that it is an awesome gym. Therefore I would assume that the owners of Apollon Gym own Apollon Nutrition. 

What Is Inside Assassin Pre Workout

I went to look at the supplement facts of this pre workout supplement, and I could not find it on their website, which I found odd. So I had to go to another website.

assassin pre workout supplement facts

Assassin pre workout is sold in 374 grams containers, which is a little less than 1 pound. It comes in two flavors, Tigers Blood and Ninja Carnage, which I have no idea what flavors they would actually be. This is confusing to me as well.  

Assassin supplement facts panel offers two different serving sizes. One is about 10 grams the other is about 20 grams. The next thing I noticed is that this product I would classify under my “kitchen-sink” description of a supplement. A “kitchen-sink” supplement is a supplement that has everything in it but the kitchen sink. This usually happens when a supplement company thinks a potential buyer will buy their product based on all the ingredients it has and never looks at the actual AMOUNT of ingredients of each one. So that is exactly what I did because usually, the ingredients are underdosed.  

The first ingredient listed in Assassin pre workout is L-Citrulline. L-Citrulline is used by bodybuilders to create the “pump” effect. A dosage of at least 6 grams is needed, and quite frankly, that is the minimum. I would recommend at least 10 grams of L-Citrulline if one really wants to attempt to get a pump. Unfortunately, Assassin pre workout only has 2,000mg and 4,000mg. I would say this is underdosed and would not give its user a pump.

The next ingredient is Beta-Alanine. The two amounts are 1,750 and 3,500 mg. The recommended usage for beta-alanine is a minimum of 3,200mg per day. Therefore the 1,750 mg amount is underdosed. The other thing I’d like to point out is that I believe the beta-alanine is NOT Carnoysn, which is the highest quality beta-alanine on the market. Therefore I can assume that the beta alanine used in Assassin Pre workout is from China, which I don’t recommend. If one is going to use beta-alanine, one wants to use Carnosyn. 

Crazy Amount Of Caffeine

I skipped over about seven other ingredients in Assassin pre workout, and will now comment on the caffeine that is in this pre workout supplement. The smaller 10-gram dose of Assassin pre workout contains 225mg of caffeine, and the larger serving size of about 20 grams contains 450mg of caffeine. In my opinion, this is an extremely high dose of caffeine to use. If one has never used caffeine because and took this extremely high dose, I feel they would experience some drastic effects. Not only that, but I would not use this product more than once per day. 900mg of caffeine a day would cause some problems, I feel.  

What I found next is pretty crazy, and I feel this Assassin Pre Workout is formulated with too much caffeine. The pre workout supplement contains di-caffeine malate, which is another form of caffeine. It includes another 100mg and 200mg of caffeine. That means if one takes the 20-gram serving size, they are getting well over 500mg of caffeine, which is absolutely reckless!! In my opinion, I do not recommend using this much caffeine. 

Next, I looked at the Yohimbe in Assassin pre workout. They use a dose of 2mg in the 20-gram serving size, which I feel is way underdosed. For example, in the Yohimbe supplement that I sell from Vemoherb the serving size is 12.5 mg. I’m not sure why they are using such a low dose.  

My Final Conclusion of Assassin Pre Workout

The most significant factor in this Assassin Pre Workout is the tremendous amount of caffeine in this product. It has over 500mg, which, quite frankly, I have never seen a product containing this much. I think it is a little reckless by Apollon Nutrition to be selling this product at such a high dose and not warn people to take a maximum of one dose per day.  

I can tell you right now that I am not a fan of “kitchen sink” supplements. If one reads my website blog posts, you’ll see that I advocate the use of single-ingredient supplements such as Capsimax. The problem supplement companies run into when trying to add more ingredients to their supplement is the cost. Therefore to keep the costs down, they lower the amount of the ingredients, which creates an underdosing situation, as in the case of Assassin pre workout supplement. A few of the ingredients are underdosed and thereby rendering them ineffective.  

Counter-Acting ingredients.

One thing I see a lot with inexperienced formulators is they will use ingredients in their supplements that counteract each other. And this is the casein with Assassin pre workout supplement. The product contains citrulline, which is used to increase blood flow and vasodialation, thereby giving the user a better pump. However, caffeine is a vasoCONSTRICTOR, which means it restricts blood flow. Therefore the massive amount of caffeine in Assassin Pre Workout will counteract with the citrulline.  

Finally, I believe the product contains artificial colors, which I highly recommend one does not use. Artificial colors are banned in Europe for a reason.  

Unfortunately, I cannot give this product my endorsement. Instead, I would recommend just buying all these ingredients separately, which would make it a much more effective regime. Here is a list of ingredients that one can buy that would work much better.