The Beginning of the End For Shredz

Shredz the supplement company has been the target of people on the internet saying they are scam artists.  Well they are no different than all the other supplement companies out there.

The supplement industry is a horrible, dirty, scammy, cheating industry and it just keeps on getting worse and worse.Click To Tweet   I try my best here on my site to teach and educate everyone on how to buy good quality supplements and how to spot the junk products.  However it is like putting my finger on a dam that’s cracking…there is just too much “shit” out there to stop it.  It seems every day a new supplement scam pops up.

However every once in a while the “good guys” win a small skirmish in this supplement war, and I’d like to point out one that has just begun.

Shredz video

Watch this video from a kid who calls himself Vegan Gains.  Regardless of his beliefs, he turns out some good videos and he put together a good one of this supplement company.  I post this stuff because it is unfair to my business that sells honest supplements and follows the CFR 111’s.  I would love to find out if Shredz has an FDA registration number!  Anyone this is NOT my video, and Vegan Gains has no relationship with my company.  I like his honesty


I would also suggest subscribing to this person Instagram’s site.

Keep in mind that Instagram keeps banning his account (s), which is complete bullshit.  It’s OK to photoshop and sell a supplement and diet plan alluding to the fact that you look like that because of said supplements and diet plan, but it is not OK to expose the truth.   Pure bullshit and the Soviet Union, commy stuff.

In conclusion, Shredz is doing nothing wrong legally, morally, yes I believe they are.  In fact they are doing what everyone else is going.  Selling claims, not reality.