The best BCAA for women would be a product called Advanced BCAA.  Why?  Because it is NOT in free form amino acid form.  It is in peptide for made up of di and tri peptides, instead of single free form.  Free form amino acids are worthless.  Di and tri peptides are super beneficial to support muscle recovery and muscle building.

If you are looking for the best BCAA for women I have good news and bad news.  The good news is you’re about to discover a product that is 10X better than your typical BCAA supplement.  The bad news is that the best bcaa for women supplement that you may have been using was doing you absolutely no good and you were pretty much wasting your money this whole time.  🙁

Hey what’s up everybody, Alex Rogers from and I’m going to talk to you today about branched chain amino acids and my thoughts about them. And if you need them or not. Specifically I’m going to focus this topic around BCAA for women. Because thousands of women a month search the Internet looking for specifically BCAA for women.  They think that they are tailored to women instead of men, which is ridiculous quite frankly because there’s no difference between the way a man and a woman digests the amino acids especially the branched chain amino acids.

Now, first and foremost, I do not recommend BCAA for women specifically made with free form aminos.   And I say this because I do sell a product called Advanced BCAA which is which is what I call a branched chain amino acid product but it’s really a hydrolyzed whey isolate that just so happens to be 50% branched amino acids.

I don’t recommend free formula amino acids for a few reasons. I’ll give you the reasons why. Number one, ss that free form amino acids have never been proven to be ergogenic. One point that I have to make is that these products have been around since the 1980’s. Think about that. It’s the year 2018. So they’ve been around for almost 40 years. OK, there’s absolutely no reason why you should go out and buy yourself free form amino acids or free form amino acids that are BCAA’s.  Nor should you be looking for the best BCAA for women.

Number two, after whey protein came out essentially that made BCAA’s obsolete. Because one scoop of whey protein is 30 to 35 percent BCAA’s. That’s why whey protein works so well because it’s very high in branched chain amino acids. Ok so, if you scoop out 30 grams, that will give you 10 grams approximately of branched chain amino acids. So there it is. I mean that that’s essentially it.

People that are continually using BCAA’s in free form I don’t understand the reason why even caloric stand point wise. I mean it just doesn’t make sense because it’s yielding the same calories as protein.

Not only that but when you consume whey protein powder you’re getting all the other amino acids. You’re getting all the proteins sub fractions that are in the whey protein,  like  IGF1 and immunoglobulins.  In addition all the calcium that’s in there. And for women that is especially important to get the natural calcium found in whey protein.   Not only that but it’s a very highly digestible form of calcium that comes from dairy.

Another reason is that most of the time, these BCAA supplements that are on the retail shelf are just loaded with artificial sweeteners and artificial colors especially the bad stuff like yellow number five and FTC number 40. Those are two horrible artificial colors that I feel are proven to cause cancer and the artificial ingredients. Same thing just very bad for you. Very bad.

So women out there if you’re looking to build muscle don’t think that you need branched chain amino acids supplements. Stop searching for the best BCAA for women.  You’d be better off going out buying yourself a good whey protein isolate instead. If you want to go basic here, here’s really the scale how do it. Basic would be whey protein concentrate. Just go out buy yourself a whey protein concentrate. You know if you want you can get one from the United States you can go a little higher end, from New Zealand but that’s really the first step just the simple whey protein powder one scoop boom and there are your branched chain amino acids.

Second level up from that of course would be a whey protein isolate. Whey Protein Isolate is 90 percent protein no fat no lactose, OK. Whey protein concentrate will have that fat and lactose in it. So simply go and buy whey protein isolate that will give you about 10 percent more branched amino acids than you normally would get with a WPC or the whey protein concentrate.

After that, I would say hydrolyzed whey protein powder.  And quite frankly, this is more of a what I call a supplement. Because a whey concentrate and whey isolate those are found naturally in food hydrolyzed protein is a little different. It’s pre-digested. You’re not going to just randomly find that in any food products. Not only that but it’s in peptide form. So the absorption is faster.

I think it’s been proven but hydrolyzed protein powder especially whey, digests faster and more efficiently. OK so that’s your next level up. So you whey protein concentrate, whey protein isolate, hydrolyzed whey protein isolate and be careful make sure you’re gonna buy hydrolyzed protein powder, quite frankly my company is the only one to buy it from. I’ve never seen another company being fully transparent with their hydrolyzed protein.

After that I would go with probably the Pepto pro, the Salmobolic 98 or the Silk Amino acids that I sell that’s really on a higher level. They are really tailored hard core protein powders. The Salmobolic 98 we just came out with which is a phenomenal product. The Salmobolic 98 has been shown to help you lose weight digest faster than a whey isolate. I mean it has a ton of benefits. I did a podcast with the chief scientific officer a few weeks ago. And yeah great great stuff. So that’s really for the hardcore.

At the very top level would be the Advanced BCAA.  This truly is the best BCAA for women or a product called leucine peptides.  Now, those are not free form amino acids, those are peptides. So what they’ve done is they’ve taken a hydrolyzed whey isolate and manufactured it to contain  50 percent BCAA’s.

Normally a hydrolyzed whey protein will have approximately 30 percent BCAA’s naturally occurring where this product Advanced BCAAhas 50 percent. It’s truly a whey protein on steroids. So you could use that to get more branched amino acids than you normally would. And then of course Leucine peptides. Leucine peptides is probably the most, one of my most underrated products out there. Leucine without without question is the amino acid that helps with muscle protein synthesis.

How would you use Advanced BCAA and Leucine peptides

There are different ways you could use it. Let’s say you just start with a whey protein isolate or whey protein concentrate and you add some fruit to it. You want to make it taste good. After that. You can then add your more hardcore products, add a teaspoon of Advanced BCAA add a teaspoon of Leucine peptides. You could add however you want and to manipulate the taste because from my experience most women do not like to taste bad things, they want things that taste like a milkshake Which I don’t believe and I wrote an article about this how protein shakes should not be in the form of a milkshake. For some reason, the industry has decided that protein shakes need to taste like milkshakes. they need to taste just the opposite. they should taste like vegetables with no sweetness. And yeah no artificial sweeteners no stevia things like that.

So you start off with a very small amount.  1 teaspoon of Advanced BCAA or 1 teaspoon of leucine peptides and add it to your protein shake.  As you get used to the taste you can add more if you want.

Women, if you want to get the best BCAA for women with the thought of I’m going to consume BCAA’s to increase my muscle mass, well, it’s very simple. Avoid the BCAA supplements that are out there and go with my suggestions that I referenced above.  Products like whey concentrate, whey isolate, hydrolyzed whey protein, Salmobolic 98, Pepto pro, silk amino acids, Advance BCAA and Leucine peptides.   You use those products, I can guarantee you that you’ll see better results than using a 40-year-old supplement.  Any questions you can text me at 732 901 90600. Thank you.