Best Foods for Fulvic Acid

Do you want to include an fulvic acid in your daily diet? Are you aware of its health benefits? This is one of the best sources of daily minerals you need to keep your body working. Following, we are going to explain its health benefits and the best food sources you can obtain it from.


We all hated finishing our veggies, but it seems like we were doing ourselves a favor after all. Organic veggies are grown without the use of pesticides; this means you will have more fulvic acid in your food. Thanks to the diversity of soil, it is best to evaluate the amount of fulvic acid in veggies. Try to add vegetables which grow into the ground like potatoes, and radishes in your diet.

Blackstrap Molasses

This is another great source fulvic acid. It grows anywhere from 6.5 to 15 feet below in soil. The depth of roots make sure the subject comes in contact with fulvic acid. This is a thick and syrup like substance which is widely used as a sweetener.


Buying fulvic acid supplements are the easiest way to introduce it to your diet. Supplements are not watched by FDA so that it may have different effects according to your biology. Therefore, before you decide to take any bold steps, you better consult with your physician. He will create a diet plan according to your health that will have avast amount of fulvic acid.

The diet plan will contain foods with other nutrients like vitamins, iron, etc.  Check the ingredient list and make sure all the nutrients are there. If the mineral supply is hard to find, you can buy them from an online vendor.

Fulvic Acid to Lose Weight

We understand fulvic acid is not advertised for its weight loss properties. But it can help you to drop a few points. It helps your body to gain natural balance by optimizing your body including hunger, metabolic rate, hunger, etc. Following we are going to name the weight loss properties of fulvic acid and how they help you out!

  • Calcium

If you have enough calcium in your diet, it reduces the obesity risk to 70%.

  • Magnesium

This helps you reduce your craving for fatty food. It also helps you fight off insomnia and other issues that lead to weight gain. Magnesium is known for its ability to fight off fatigue and energize your body.

  • Manganese

This regulates your fat metabolism and blood glucose levels

  • Chromium

This mineral helps your fight against cravings and sudden urges to eat something by controlling your glucose levels in theblood.

  • Zinc

Zinc is well known for its ability to regulate your appetite and insulin production.

The fact is, your body is designed to function properly when it gets enough nutrition and exercise. If you fail to provide any of that, your health will derail. To ensure your well-being, you need to eat power foods like vegetables and meant.  Consuming this does help you to keep your health optimum