Finding the best research peptides for sale online is not an easy task if you do not know what to look for.  As a supplement manufacturing expert, I can instruct you how to purchase legit research peptides.

Research Peptides For Sale

Research peptides like PT-141 and BCP 157 have become very popular recently. PT 141 can be used to increase female libido, and BPC 157 can help improve healing of the human body. These research peptides can be purchased online very easy from well over 100 sites. But how do you know which online store to buy from? In this article, I will discuss how to make sure you are buying high-quality research peptides. Keep in mind research peptides are drugs. They are called research peptides as a legal way to sell them online without the FDA and making them cease operations. Research peptides are not supposed to be used by the people that are buying them, but they are. That being said, quality control is essential to make sure that the peptides you are taking are not going to be fake, underdosed, or entirely not even what you have purchased.

My current recommendation as of August 9th 2022 is Paradigm Peptides

1st Step To Buying Research Peptides:  The Guarantee

The first step in buying high-quality research peptides like PT 141 is to see if the company has a guarantee. If they do not have a money back guarantee or a customer satisfaction policy, I would not purchase research peptides from them. If a company cannot stand by its products, it does not make any sense to buy from them.  I would not buy any research peptides for sale that they have.

2nd Step:  Contacting Companies That Have Research Peptides For Sale

The second step for buying research peptides for sale is to make sure they are easy to contact. This might sound strange but if you cannot easily reach the company than there is a reason. Companies that avoid customer service issues are trying to hide something. If the research peptide company is local, they should have a phone number that you can call them at. And 800 number is even better because it means they went out of their way to pay extra for free customer support. If they do not have a phone number make sure they at least have an email support system in place. If the company has a “ticket” system an auto-reply so when you send the question you are sure they received it. Research peptide companies should always be easy to contact.

3rd Step:  How To They Take Payments

The third step to make sure you are buying high-quality research peptides is to check how they accept payments. There are only a few ways to receive payments online which are Paypal, credit card, and cryptocurrency. If a research peptide company is starting out, they will accept payments via Paypal. This is a bad sign because this is against Paypal’s policy. Paypal does not allow online sites that sell products like PT 141 and BCP 157 to use their system to take money. Typically, once PayPal finds out, they will shut them down instantly. Then the research peptide company, if they have money in PayPal will have their funds seized, and they will not release them to the research peptide company. This could result in the company going out of business because they do not have any money to sustain their business by purchasing inventory and you might receive your shipment.

If a company takes payment via cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, this is typical. Bitcoin is easy to set up for an online research peptide company, and it is easy to accept payments. Paying with Bitcoin is fine but keep in mind it is like paying with cash. Once you hand over your Bitcoin the only way to get it back is if the person you gave it to gives it back. There are no chargebacks like with credit cards or Paypal, so you have to be 100% sure that when you pay someone with Bitcoin that you trust them unequivocally.

The last payment form an online research company will have is credit card payment. This is the best way to tell if an online research peptide company is legit. If they take credit card payments, it means that have been analyzed by a risk management person at a merchant processing company. Merchant processing companies bill credit cards. Once you submit your credit card, the merchant bank communicates with your bank to make sure the funds are there. Then the merchant processor transfers your money from your bank to the research peptides bank account. If you are an online research peptide company, it is very, very difficult to find a merchant processor that is willing to take payments from products like SARMs, PT 141, BPC 157 and Ipamorelin. Most do not want to take that risk. So finding a company that accepts credit card payment is tough. But if you can find one, then that is the company that I would buy your peptides from.

research peptides for sale

The Last Step To Buy The Best Research Peptides For Sale

The final step in finding a high-quality research peptide company is to look for a 3rd party lab analysis of their products. A third party lab analysis is a laboratory test in which the research peptide company manufactured and packaged their particular peptide, and sent it off to a lab testing company so that it can be verified that what is on the label is in the bottle. This is the ONLY way to tell if a product is legitimate. One trick unscrupulous research peptides companies will do is to provide a certificate of analysis. This is utterly worthless as anyone can generate a certificate of analysis to fake a lab test. A 3rd party lab test is a guarantee because the research peptide company is paying to get their product testing by a company that they have no relationship to and is just service. It would be the same thing if I took a protein powder and sent it out for testing. Let’s say I own a protein company selling protein, and I want to make sure that the place I bought the protein from is telling me the truth when they send me their certificate of analysis. BEFORE I start distribution the protein powder to my customers, I pay a laboratory to test it to make sure it is protein (identity test), and then to test the protein grams per 100 grams of powder ( strength test). The same can be applied to research peptides. A research peptide company should take their product and send it off to a laboratory for identity testing and strength testing before being distributed to the public, regardless of whether or not they know it is going to be utilized by humans or not. This is important because all research peptides sold in the United States are purchased in China and overseas. Not only that but it is imported illegally as US Customs does not allow for the importation of distribution quantity of drugs with authorization. And quite frankly I do not trust anything that the Chinese sell as far as products like ipamorelin and Melanotan 2.

In conclusion, research peptides for sale is a grey market business. It is not regulated at all, and there is no policing. The only way to be 100% sure is to follow the steps I have listed above. Do not rely on what you read on message boards or what your friend has recommended. Viewing a 3rd party lab analysis is the best thing a company can have. If not, you’re just hoping that what you purchased is legitimate.

Here is a list of companies that have research peptides for sale that you can check out:

  1. Paradigm Peptides (my current recommendation as of August 9th 2022)
  2. Living Large Research Peptide
  3. RIU Peptides
  4. Iron Dragon Research Peptides
  5. Pinnacle Research Peptides
  6. Southern Research Peptides
  7. CEM Research Peptides
  8. International Peptides