Best Sports to Take Up After 50

Everybody wants to feel good, but our bodies tend to give up on us as we get older. It’s becoming more challenging to find sports that would be compatible with some of the health conditions. In this post, we’ll help you find the most suitable alternative. What activities for elderly people can you try? Keep reading!


One of the most popular activities for 50-year-olds is yoga. The greatest benefit of this type of exercise is its versatility. Namely, you can do the harder pose variations if you are in good physical shape, but you can also proceed with easier options. Besides, this is a great activity for older adults who have never done any sports before.

Don’t be intimidated because yoga practice is suitable for everybody, even for people with some health conditions. Moreover, the number of benefits that it brings won’t leave you indifferent. Just to name a few, yoga can release anxiety, improve flexibility and bone health. Overall, it’s a great mind and body practice and you’ll definitely enjoy it.


For some old people, sports is not appealing whatsoever, but if you want to stay healthy, you should incorporate at least some activity into your daily routine. You don’t have to do anything extreme if you don’t feel like it.

Consider walking as this is one of the best forms of physical exercise for senior people. You can choose the intensity, it’s easy on joints, and it has no medical contraindications and a low risk of injury. Finally, you don’t need any equipment or a special uniform. Anything comfortable will work. Among the benefits of taking regular walks, there are improvements in the work of the cardiovascular system, reduced risk for high cholesterol, reduced blood sugar, and more.


Water sports for seniors may not seem a good idea, but it depends on which kind of sports you choose. For example, if you take up swimming, you can be sure that it will be safe and you will benefit from all the good things it can do to your overall wellness. Swimming is a great way to stay active without putting too much pressure on your bones and joints.

Also, swimming will make you feel and look younger as it not only is a good resistance exercise for the whole body but also a mind-clearing activity by nature. When in the swimming pool, you’ll let go of all the worries and enjoy the process.


Among the sports for older adults that are more active, we couldn’t bypass tennis. This definitely is a type of exercise that requires some level of strength and agility, so you should consider tennis if you are physically ready for it (if you don’t have any medical conditions that might not let you do it). Otherwise, try it at least once and you won’t be disappointed.

Some of the health benefits of playing tennis include improved coordination and balance, better work of the cardiovascular system, weight maintenance, greater bone strength, and more. But most of all, tennis is a perfect activity for socializing. Whereas is a great place for meeting people, there are some other ways. Go out more often and have fun! What else do we need to enjoy life?


Just like tennis, this is one of the less common old people sports. However, it shares all the benefits of tennis and it’s even more age-friendly sport in some way. Say, unlike tennis, it is easier to tailor badminton to your ability levels, which makes it more similar to ping-pong or pickleball. Overall, badminton is a fun and effective exercise without an increased risk for injury. You should definitely consider it if you are an active person.


This is also one of the best sport for overall fitness, which can be both challenging and relaxing for people of any age. Biking can help you improve your balance and strength, contribute to a better work of your heart, improve mood, and make you feel better overall. However, if you decide to go for biking, remember that it is still somewhat more challenging compared to low-impact exercises. This activity has a higher risk for injury. So only take a bike if you know how to ride it because older age might not be a good time to start learning.


If you think that old people and sports don’t mix, think again. There are so many great alternatives, you only need to find the one that works for you. Stay healthy and good luck!