Birth of Fornography: The Fitness Revolution Is Finally Here! Lose 30lbs in 3 days!

Ok right here and right now I am coining a term.  I might even trade mark this.


noun: fornography
  1. printed or visual physical exercise material containing the explicit description or display of simulated sexual acts, sexual organs or activity, intended to stimulate erotic rather than aesthetic, emotional feelings, or the human muscle.
    synonyms: erotica, fornographic material, dirty books;

    informal(hard/soft) forn, forno, fitness magazines, Instagram Squat Videos
    “an Internet site displaying adult fornography”


 In layman’s terms fornography is when a female or male…typically someone that wants to be popular on social media posts to their social media accounts, usually Instagram & Youtube, pictures or videos of themselves disguised as exercise videos or pictures but are really simulated sexual act videos or pictures.
For example
Take a look at the thumb nail image this Youtuber decided to use.
womensworkoutchannel - YouTube 2015-06-01 15-34-47
Ok, talk about a kitty shot.  Classic Fornography shot.
Instead she could have done this.
fitness naked girl on all fours with one leg up - Google Search 2015-06-01 15-37-26
But she didnt…instead we got a view of her pussy.  It got 1.7 million views!  Not bad for dumb workout video.
And another
BikiniModelFitness - YouTube 2015-06-02 09-49-10
Here’s another example.
BikiniModelFitness - YouTube 2015-06-01 15-43-51
This is supposed to a a six pack abs workout.  Ok so you get the idea.  That was Youtube.  Instagram then rolled around and the same stuff started to happen….fornography all over again.

That is Jen Selter.  Queen of Fornography on Instagram.  I had to really scroll down her feed to find this video.  It was almost a year ago.  What happened most likely is that once she became famous she didnt want to post fornography anymore because she wants to be Instagram famous for her exercise knowlege and expertise…not the fornography.  Sorry Jen youre Instagram famous because of your fornography.

Look at that ass!  It is a work of art.  And the video…every guy is thinking the same thing.

Next up as you’ll see DAILY FITNESS VIDEOS.  More like daily fornography…

This one is true fornography at its greatest.  No way any chick is doing this in the gym.  This is strictly posted just for fornography.

Ok now here is Jen Selters competition.  Michelle Lewin.  She consistently posts fornography.  Check out her latest…

Complete tits and ass shot.  Zoom in on the titties and zoom in on the tits.

Essentially you have these fitness girls posting pics and vids knowing that they are highly sexual in nature.  It’s a joke.

Let’s play a game called

Do you think its a porn star or a forn star?  Answers are below.

A) Do you think this girl is a porn star or a forn star?


B) porn star or forn star?


c) porn star or forn star


D) porn star or forn star


e) porn star or forn star


f)  porn star or forn star


g) porn star or forn star



A) Porn Star

B) Forn Star

C) forn Star

D) porn Star

E) forn Star

F) porn Star

G) forn star

In conclusion..what does this have to do with supplements?….well alot of these chicks are SPONSORED by alot of supplement companies.  Companies like Shredz, MusclePharm, and a bunch more.  I think supplements should be sold based on quality testing.  I’m not having my quality control people pose in doggie style shots holding the lab report…maybe I should though..I think that would be a great idea.

Anyway supplements should be sold on quality..not fornography.  And these forno girls should not sell out so quickly…

On a final note I got nothing against making money this way.  I feel everyone is entitled to make a living.  I just think they should be honest and admit it is really pornography.  It is better than some of the porn I watch now for pete’s sake.  I honestly cant tell the difference anymore.

Last But not least is this the forn or porn?  Looks like the beginning of a threesome porn shoot to me..I’ll let you take a guess…good luck!!

Mike Chang Tries to Score...Using Abs - Video Dailymotion 2015-06-02 10-20-48


This is the beginning of a video for six pack abs, not the beginning of a porn