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Trevor Michael Opalewski-United States

Occupation: Personal Trainer/Competition Prep Coach

Degree: Bachelors of Science in Exercise Science, with a minor in athletic coaching

Certification: ACSM Health Fitness Specialist, Cpr/first aid, and BLS.

Experience: 7 years working with General/special populations and athletes.

Accolades: Nationally qualified bodybuilding athletes (3). Helped elderly become mobile to perform everyday tasks efficiently.

Improved athletes speed,power,biomechanics, and flexibility. Work with youth(8-12years old) and collegiate athletes.

My passion for fitness has always been around, started playing sports at 8 with football and continued through high school with track&field and diving coming along the way. Staying active was a way of life for me, pushing my body to its limits and finding what else I can do is a high that nothing can compare to. My success comes from my work ethic, I was never the biggest or strongest around but my mentality pushed me through. Being the little guy can definitely keep your confidence down but I refused to be out worked. Ive been able to take myself from being slow and not so strong into what I am today.

Helping other people has always been fulfilling for myself. Having gone through my younger years with not so great coaching sparked my interest to become a coach. I was always around the weight room helping people with technique and giving advice from sources I studied from. Just helping others move properly or achieve goals brings joy that my efforts helped. Seeing just how many people in my high school needed help and proper coaching fueled me to learn more and better my knowledge so I could help more people. I believe everyone can benefit from a great coach and my mission was to become one and be part of the difference that wasn’t there for me.

My personal/fitness background officially started while at Saginaw Valley State University. I became a personal trainer at the age of nineteen. After achieving my certification I was not settled with my experience and sought after more from my degree. I’ve spent over hundreds of hours in a physical therapy setting, establishing hands on experience with post operation patients. After leaving the therapy setting I settled with strength & conditioning working under our schools head strength coach for 2+ years; helping train all athletic teams and building programs. My tenure ended when I was a senior looking for an internship. At the time our classes involved cardiac rehabilitation and stress testing. Expanding my knowledge beyond just personal training and general health has given me an opportunity to give everyone quality coaching while having a wonderful experience. The fitness industry has a lot of upside, but also very flawed. There is much negativity and coaches who take advantage of people that don’t know any better. It’s this negativity and poor character that have led the personal training industry to have a bad (name) so to speak. My mission is to be apart in the positive change.



Jackie Diaz-United States

Uses:  Peptopro, Tectanic, & Heliogen casein.

“Jackie contacted and told them she had no energy and never felt fully recovered.  Her background includes collegiate soccer, competitive surfing and stand up paddling, and bodybuilding. Jackie also worked as a bikini and fitness model. Currently, she trains intensely doing MMA, crossfit, and swimming. After talking to, she upped her carbs, especially veggies, and started using supplements. Smoothie recipes using supplements are her specialty. Jackie trains to win for the unexpected that life brings. Stay tuned for Jackie’s first amateur kickboxing fight!”




Susan-United States

Uses-CFM & Heliogen Casein


Chad Defriece

IG: musclemaxtrainer


I am 40 yrs old and I have been into fitness nearly my whole life. However, I did not do my first natural competition until 4 years ago. Competing was always a bucket list item for me but I never thought I would actually do it. I think fear had a lot to do with this feeling. Like I said I have been training since I was around 15 yrs old but for many years I didn’t train right and I had no clue about nutrition and supplementation. It wasn’t until about 8 yrs ago that I took a step back and evaluated why I wasn’t making any progress. My problem was following the cookie cutter type routines in the fitness magazines and taking bogus supplements that didn’t work. I knew things had to change in order to see a change in my progress. So, I started researching some credible sources and started following fitness and nutrition/supplementation advice that made sense to me. Boom! I started seeing progress unlike anything from the past. Four yrs ago at age 36 I decided I wanted to try competing since I had made so much fitness progress. That year I put everything I had into my prep. I competed in the OCB Southeast States Natural and came in 1st in the novice natural bodybuilding class and 2nd in the open. I was so close that I could not believe it. So, this created a new bucket list item, to win in the open class and achieve my procard in the overall. I set my goal for the next year so I would have approximately 8 months to work on my lagging body parts before my next prep began. That year in 2013 I competed once again in the OCB Southeast States Natural Pro Qualifier show. I won natural bodybuilding class then went on to win the overall and achieved my pro card with the IFPA. I did it! This was such an overwhelming gratification. After winning my pro card I went on and achieved my certified personal training with NASM and with that I started online coaching clients aspiring to compete. This sounds great however I still feel something was missing. I earned my pro card but does this even mean anything unless you win a show with your pro card. A new bucket list item was created. I will compete in my first pro show on Oct 8th in the IFPA Center Stage Crystal Cup in the physique category. Wish me luck!! Fitness has always been my passion and it truly amazes me how a person can transform there body. Also, my current occupation is a Respiratory Therapist Supervisor at a local hospital and I still do online coaching on the side. So there you go. I hope this gives you enough information for a bio. Let me know if you need any more info. The quotes I live by is that there are very few things in this life that we can directly control but one of those few things is our fitness goals and learn to control your environment don’t let your environment control you.


Thank you,

Chad Defriece

IG: musclemaxtrainer

Breana Nachel-United States

She’s a trainer & a mom!



Mady -United States

I have always been an active body, taking on marathon running at the age of 13 and swimming competitively throughout my high school career. I was put through a major setback in 2015 when it was discovered I have 3 bulging disks in my back. I then began regularly going to physical therapy to strengthen my core and back but ended up gaining weight. It took seeing a picture of myself a few months later to make me realize what I was doing to my body. I completely changed my life by consistently going to the gym performing strength training and changing up my diet to high carb and protein and low fats. I am also hoping to compete in a bikini competition in the near future.


Raffaele Coseglia-Italy

Our newest brand ambassador, Raffaele, is a nineteen year old fitness fan from Naples, Italy and he is now a part of the our team here at Protein Factory. His workouts are usually three times a week and involve a lot of arm and upper body work. He believes that having a balanced workout is important and uses the improvements he’s made on himself over the years as motivation. Raffaele was interested in becoming a brand ambassador when he realized that our products are reliable and they fit into his healthy lifestyle. Check Raffaele out on Instagram at raffaelecoseglia, click the link in his bio to see what great products we have to offer.

Use Product:  Depto-Nitrolase 250



Fitness trainer with a company called Anchored Athletics

Uses: creapure and protein