Breast Cancer Awareness Month Is A Scam!

Yes, it is breast cancer awareness month..and the whole freakin world is coated in pink!  Everyone get on the bandwagon!!  Pink shoes, socks, dum bells, pink protein shakes, pink everything!

Let’s even make our website pink like this supplement company to show people…WE CARE!!

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Ahhhh the smell of corporate greed is alive and well in the month of October.

I don’t know exactly how I came across this but I found it.  Here it is.

I was interested in this because my mother died of cancer.  To make a long story short.

  1. Her doctor recommended she take estrogen to help with hot flashes
  2. That drug caused breast cancer
  3. The chemo that the doctors told her to do caused leukemia
  4. The leukemia killed her.

She went through about 8 years of hell.  Thanks to big pharma.

Those are my beliefs after watching about 10 hours worth of videos from The Truth about 

As you know..I’m a big believer in the truth.  Especially when it comes to supplements.  It’s me against the whole supplement industry I feel at times.  And this whole breast cancer awareness month reminds me of the same thing.  Essentially big pharma pushing their drugs to save you from cancer, high jacking the pink ribbon, and corporate America using this month as a money making opportunity.

The first thing you need to read is the truth about the pink ribbon.  Fast forward to minute 21:00.

You can also read more here.

About Think Before You Pink

I wish I knew about this before my mom died.  But hopefully by me posting this blog post some of you might pass this on to your loved ones that are donating to the wrong places, wearing pink for the wrong reasons, or about to get a cancer causing mammogram.

There are some great supplements that can help.  In one of the videos from they talked about the power of curcumin.  Great product but you have to make sure you get the best one out there.  Here is the one I recommend.