Using Cannabidiol (CBD Oil) Supplements To Grow Muscle


The use of cannabinoids as dietary supplements is fascinating.  As bodybuilders, athletes, and joe weekend muscle seekers, cannabinoid supplements can be useful.  The main point of this article is to determine why and how cannabinoid supplements could be useful to build muscle and who has the highest quality CBD oil for sale.

I first started to investigate CBD oil supplements when I watched this video on Youtube.

If you did not watch the whole thing, I suggest you do.  But anyhow, the first objective is to find out if cannabinoids can help with muscle building.

Keep in mind that it is important to know that there are two different common cannabinoids, THC and CBD.  CBD (cannabidiol) is the cannabinoid that we are interested in.  There is no psychoactive effect from CBD.   Not only that but it is legal.  THC is not legal to sell as a dietary supplement.

Anti-Catabolic Supplements

Years ago Dr. Colker, one of the best muscle building doctors in the world, told me that catabolic hormones are much stronger than anabolic hormones.  And if you can be anti-catabolic more than you can be anabolic that you’ll grow more muscle.  Think about it.  How long does it take for you to build 5 lbs of muscle or gain 10 lbs on the bench for you experienced lifters?  Months? Possibly years?  Getting the body to grow muscle is no easy task.  You have to create a state of increased muscle protein synthesis which involves intense exercise and increased protein intake.  It is very, very difficult.  That is why so many people turn to anabolic steroids, it is the easy way out, but that is another story.  But think about how fast muscle loss and loss of strength occurs.  What happens if you stop lifting for a month?  Get sick or get injured?  You lose all of your gains in a matter of days or weeks.  This is because the catabolic (muscle wasting) hormones inside of your body are very good at breaking down muscle mass.  Muscle mass requires the body to use more energy.  The more energy required the harder it is to survive.  Your body wants to SURVIVE.  That is its only objective.  It does not care about how much you can bench or how your pecs are looking.  That is why the body is always breaking down muscle mass and not growing it.  Catabolism is a giant hurdle to get by when trying to build muscle.  But if we can find ways to be anti-catabolic, then muscle growth will occur.  One way to be anti-catabolic is with the use of supplements.  One such supplement is CBD (cannabidiol) supplements.

One study showed that using CBD can reduce cortisol in the body.

As you can see from the study above CBD oil can act as a cortisol lowering supplement.  Which is very powerful and one of my favorite effects of CBD.

Weight Loss Supplement?

Many of you whom have never heard about CBD oil until now are probably thinking that CBD oil will have the same effect as THC.  You’re assuming that because CBD comes from the same place as THC  and therefore you’ll get high.  The truth is you will not.  CBD has zero pyscho-active effects.  You might also assume, because THC increases the appetite, AKA “munchies” that CBD will also give you the munchies.   The truth is CBD oil will not increase your appetite.  In fact studies have shown that CBD will help regulate blood sugar levels.  When blood sugar levels are regulated less insulin is floating around (in layman’s terms), therefore less fat will be stored, more fat will be burned as energy, and less fat cells will be created.  Controlling insulin is a major factor when trying to reduce bodyfat.

We now have a two punch supplement.  One that can reduce cortisol levels and one that can help reduce and burn body fat.

Additional Benefits of Cannabidiol.

I am a big believer in health.  If your body is healthy, you’ll be in a positive nitrogen state.  This means you’ll be more in a position to grow muscle mass.  Not only that but CBD has been proven to reduce inflammation.  Inflammation is typically a result of intense exercise.

Using CBD (cannabidiol) to Grow Muscle

CBD’s anti-catabolic effect is how it will help you grow some lean beef.  Therefore I suggest using CBD pre workout.  I am currently using CBD.  I use it every day at a dose of 10 to 50mg.

  • Do not use pre workout supplements with caffeine
  • Avoid Caffeine (caffeine increases cortisol)
  • Use when you’re sick or have a cold or flu
  • Use if you’re stressed out
  • Use if you smoke
  • Stack with the anti-catabolic supplement,  Myostatin Inhibitors

A good supplement stack would be something like this.

The Best Quality CBD Oil Products

I spent some time doing research on CBD Oil products.  And it is not any different than the supplement industry.   Just because we are not talking amino acids or testosterone boosters, does not mean CBD oil capsules or supplements are excluded.  The quality can vary drastically but one thing remains the same, quality control and testing.  Out of all the companies that I looked it the highest quality award goes to CV Sciences.  What I like about CV Sciences is that they provide a third party lab analysis on all of their products.  This is what I preach about with protein.  Always get that 3rd party lab analysis.

Final Thoughts

What I find extremely interesting about CBD (cannabidiol) is that big pharma has taken a big interest in this substance.  Not only that but Wall Street has also taken a big interest in cannabinoids.  This tells me something.  This tells me that cannabinoids such as cannabidiol is not just a weak supplement like vitamin c or some herb.  Nobody is investing millions of dollars in Vitamin B supplements.  However millions of dollars are being invested in public companies that are making CBD supplements and drugs.  I believe the government is torn between the lobbyists trying to stop cannabinoids from being sold as natural products, and big pharma being allowed to patent them.  Whatever the outcome is, I believe that CBD supplements are powerful, more powerful than your common dietary supplements.