Colker’s Corner is a section at that is a collection of blog posts and tidbits by my good friend Dr. Carlon Colker.  I have known Dr. Colker since I started almost 20 years ago.  We have worked together on several projects dealing with dietary supplements.  I trust him and his opinions on many subjects including building muscle and losing fat.  Because of this, you should take what he has to say about supplements, bodybuilding, and fat loss seriously and to heart.  Because nothing is more important when it comes to this subject than trust.  The sports nutrition and fat loss industry is so hell bent on selling you whatever fad to make a fast buck, it is impossible to trust ANYONE that is related to this industry.

Dr. Colker does not need to sell you anything nor earn your trust.  He is a highly successful doctor with practices in Connecticut and California.  He has worked with people like  SHAQUILLE O’NEAL (yes I have talked him before) & BRADLEY COOPER.  Dr. Colker simply enjoys bodybuilding (he’s a bodybuilder) and is loaded with valuable information that I feel my readers would enjoy.  His posts will surely help you with your physique goals and most importantly you can TRUST what he has to say.



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