Could Holly Holm Be Tied To Steroid Company?

If you’re a fan of Ultimate Fighting or the UFC you most surely know about the Ronda Rousey/Holly Holm fight.  Holly Holm won the fight, and she’s the new champ.  However Anthony Roberts, supplement guru,  posted something really interesting about Holy Holm on Facebook.  Check out this picture.

holly holm

As you can see this is a post from Holly Holm’s Facebook page.  She’s thanking her sponsor Intel Pharma.  “Intel-Pharma??”,  I thought to myself, “Who the heck is Intel-Pharma?”  So the next thing I did was go over to Intel-Pharm and had a look at what “supplements” they are selling and found they are selling something called SARMS’.  Sarms as defined by this site is…

SARMs, or Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators, are a new class of anabolic compounds that offer all the benefits of the more traditional forms of steroids but with only a small number of the possible side effects normal steroid use brings.

I went to see what SARMS Intel Pharma is selling and found this product


In my expert supplement opinion, everything about this screams misbranded and violating the FDA 111’s.  If the FDA saw this, they would, in my opinion, force a recall immediately.  This company is labeling the SARM’s as a supplement (as you can see the supplement facts panel) but then have the big red disclaimer saying it is not a supplement.  That you should not even consume it!  Crazy.

That leaves me asking a bunch of questions.

  1. Where is the product being made?  Because no legitimate supplement manufacturer can legally make this product
  2. Where are these raw materials coming from?  China?
  3. How safe are these products if they are labeled for research only?

Holly Holm is sponsored by a company that is selling misbranded supplements.  Does this mean Holly Holm is using these SARMS?  Did Holly Holm kick Ronda Rousey’s ass because she might be using these products?

This whole thing stinks now….I don’t like the fact that Holly is associated with this company that is selling research chemicals but label them as dietary supplements.

I think there might be a fall-out from this.  But you know what the funny thing is?  Intel-pharma is going to make a lot of money quickly from this, and then they should high-tail it out of the country because the FDA is going to be coming after them and it isn’t going to be pretty.

Remember the FDA fined hundreds of thousands of dollars for selling prohormones and the owner millions of dollars.

holly holm intel pharma