Don’t Be Like This Guy While Using My Supplements!!

The REVOLUTION HAS STARTED!  The gauntlet has been thrown down, and threats are being made, and it’s time to start a revolution in the supplement industry.  
(and no, not like this bullshit revolution #joinshredzarmy)  Please if any of you are reading this dress like this, please unsubscribe from my emails. I’d be mortified if someone dressed like this and took a picture next to my supplements…I’m mean really, who dresses like this to the gym and how the hell does this sell supplements??  Maybe I’m old IDK….
Months ago I told my customers like you if you want to buy quality supplements the FIRST step is to make sure the supplement company is registered with the FDA.  This is the first step to making sure you get quality supplements.  Why?  Let me give you some reasons.
1) When a supplement company registers with the FDA it triggers a future inspection by the FDA.
2) The FDA inspects the registered supplement company to make sure they are following QUALITY controls properly set forth in the CFR 111’s.
3)Some of these important quality control regulations are things like testing for potency, purity, and safety.  Essentially everything that benefits YOU!
NOT conducting these tests on their supplements is a violation of federal law, i.e., serious stuff!
So why on Earth would supplement companies do NOT want to register with the FDA?  ANSWER MONEY!
Look at one of my invoices just to test for a batch of protein.  Slightly over $1,000.00
By NOT registering with the FDA they can avoid quality testing and man hours that make sure the supplements that they sell are pure and safe along with a host of other things.  By NOT registering with the FDA they can save thousands of dollars in lab testing fees.  In addition, it takes SKILLED & TRAINED employees to conduct these tests.  Most supplement companies owners are simply guys that have money and we’re like “Hey, let me start a supplement company!”.  They have no ability to conduct, read, and comprehend lab testing.
Essentially, UNPROFESSIONAL supplement companies AVOID FDA registrations.  Here at we do not.
I started a blog post on my site that was getting me threats (legal action) from other supplement companies.  In that blog post, I show their email responses about why they are not registered with the FDA.  Some lie and some deny.  But the bottom line is that these supplement companies are NOT registered with the FDA, and that makes it a federal violation of the law.
Now when one of these lying, cheating, supplement companies threatens me, I quickly remove their name from my list.  However, it is not over.  Instead, I report them to the FDA.
Watch this video of me reporting a violating supplement company.
watch video
If you want to help, me report supplement companies that are not registered with the FDA you can do so here.  Let’s clean up the supplement industry and start making all supplement companies play fair.