Eden Levine is an Instagram model that has over 1.6 million followers.  I would describe her as a curvy model and not a fitness model.  According to her Instagram page, she is Salvadorian.   Eden Levine has a Youtube channel that has about 5 videos, but she does not seem very active posting anymore because she has not posted a video in about 6 months.

Eden Levine has an Onlyfans page.  Onlyfans is a website where she gives people extra pictures and videos that you cannot find on her Instagram and Youtube Channel.  I highly recommend checking out her Onlyfans page here.

eden levine

Question and Answers About Eden Levine.

Does Eden Levine play video games?  No, she does not.

Her hobbies include working out, traveling, and reading.  For traveling, she has been to the Maldives and that is her favorite place.   She plans on going to a lot more places in the future.

Eden Levine is currently single and does have plans on getting married and having kids if the right man comes around.  But it is not something that she needs in the immediate future.  She is fine traveling the world and letting time decide if its in her future.

What does it take to date her? 

Eden Levine said if you are a good person she would go out with you.  But it depends on really what you say and how you act.  If you are confident and have a nice demeanor about yourself than that definitely helps.  In addition, how you treat others is important to Eden as well as your family.  Honesty is important to Eden, so if you want to take her on a date, you have to be truthful and forthcoming.

To win Eden’s heart it would take a  very strong secure man.  She would love to meet the man that can do this in her future.

What job would she be doing if she did not model?

Eden Levine used to work for Chick Filet.  In addition, her first job ever was Ihop.  She then started her career as a runway model.  If she was not a model she would be something in fashion or design.  She has a small background in fashion as she went to fashion school in LA.  Eden has been modeling since she was 16.

Eden typically does single photo shoots.  She is open to doing photo shoots with her fans.  She thinks it would be rude not to.  One time he was coming from a facial and she got into an elevator and there were 5 guys and they recognized her.  But her face was completely red from the facial and she did not want to take a picture with her fans because she did not look her best.  But if she is at an event she would take pictures with all of her fans that want one.

Eden is 30 years old. She feels as she has aged she has learned a lot about herself.  She takes care of her body by exercising a lot and not drinking and partying.  She stays out of the sun and takes care of her skin.

If you would like to see more pictures and videos of Eden Levine please visit her Onlyfans page.

eden levine