It has been a crazy holiday, I’ve been super busy; I’m running around trying to see everyone for Christmas…but one thing I have not missed out on is my workouts…1 hour per day is all it takes. I know a lot of people travel during the holidays and skip their workouts. However, I always try to get to the gym and never miss a workout. They keep me energize, happy, alive, and motivated. I never miss a workout. Alot of people wonder how I get the motivation to workout. How do you get excited about the gym?

Here is how I stay motivated and excited about the gym…

Top 5 Ideas For Females To Get Motivated.

1) I find my motivation a lot by switching my mindset to be excited by the gym. I tell myself, I GET to go to the gym instead of I HAVE to. The gym is your YOU time. It’s a positive thing instead of a chore. You should look forward to it instead of dreading it. It’s your fun part of the day. Nobody can force you to go to the gym. You must change your mindset.

2) Music. I do not like to workout without music. I love it. I listen to all types of music depending what I am doing. If I am doing cardio, I listen to something a little more upbeat. If I’m lifting with weights, I like to listen to heavy metal, rap, hip hop and similar. Whatever you like to listen to get yourself some earphones. Play your music in the gym because it keeps you amped up.  My favorite head phones are the Beats Certified 2.0.  I get them refurbished from Amazon and they are a great deal…super cheap.

3) Good Pre-workout supplements. Get yourself a good quality pre-workout supplement. That will help you when you’re tired and after a long day.

4) A workout partner. There is nothing wrong with someone to hold you accountable if you do not have a trainer. There is nothing wrong with asking a friend or your significant other to meet you at the gym to hold you accountable. It’s nice to have someone to workout with because tt keeps it fun as well.

5) This one might sound weird but its true, because it works for me. When I get something new, like a new pair of Nike shoes or workout gear, I’m excited to go to the gym.  My favorite pair of Nike’s are the Air Max’s.  I’m not saying you have to go out and buy something new, but this is what works for me and might be a good idea. So if I get something new for the gym, I get excited to head to the gym to try it.

Write down your list of goals. And once you smash one of those goals, reward yourself. Something small to keep the gym new, fun, and exciting.

In conclusion, your MINDSET is the most important thing. Get in the gym and because that 1 hour is just a very small part of the day. It is an investment, in yourself. Get excited and do what you need to do to turn the gym into a positive thing instead of a chore.

Happy Holidays!!