Have you already attended your first gym class or gone for a run? Or maybe you have just finished practicing yoga following the tutorials on Youtube? If you do not have enough motivation and do not believe it’s possible to combine studying at college and working out, we have something for you. We found five Instagram accounts of wonderful students who manage to take care of their bodies and don’t need term papers for sale as they cope with everything themselves. 

Instagram came into our lives to change them forever. This social media network plays a huge role in shaping people’s minds. Even though some scientists call it “the worst thing for youth mental health”, there are plenty of positive aspects out there. The influencers rise and bring attention to important topics, enhance diversity, motivate, and support people. It’s vital to stay yourself and not to let the FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) attack you. We want to highlight that everyone is beautiful, but we all need the motivation to become better. Remember, that the only person you can compete with is you from yesterday.

Life at college is hard and requires lots of energy and strength. Sport is an excellent getaway from constant studies and piles of books. Thirty minutes on the running track or an hour of pilates can help you to recharge, relieve the stress and negative emotions. Not everybody manages to find time for sports. Therefore, we decided to share with you the accounts of these inspiring women as an example that you are capable of everything. There are absolutely no limits.


Elle Edwards @LiveFitElle

Elle is a 21-year-old law student at the University of Liverpool. She has over 600 thousand followers! This girl started working out over 5 years ago and underwent a mind-blowing transformation. She gained some weight after quitting dance training and starting the university. Elle felt extremely insecure in her body and indulged in alcohol and junk food. She decided to change her life and the adventure began. Now, Elle is still pursuing her dream of becoming a lawyer and helps people create bodies of their dreams. She even released an app with her guides, tips, and instructions. 

Maddie @fit.maddieuk

Maddie is a 21-year-old dental student from Birmingham. She was not satisfied with her body and started working out. On her profile, she shares her story and demonstrates the exercises. Maddie grew from an amateur who wanted to have a better body to a personal trainer.

Danielle Robertson @dannibelle

Danielle is a law student who has nearly one million followers! She launched her line of sportswear and works as a personal trainer. This charming girl shares lots of exercises and sets on her page. Danielle demonstrates how anyone can reshape their bodies at home with the help of an elastic band. She also shows the techniques for working out in the gym. It’s an excellent account for all the people who want to start doing sports.

Sam James @sjamesfit

Sam is a 22-year-old student with a fabulous body. Her account is a combination of workouts and lifestyle. Besides sharing her exercises and sports routine on Instagram, Sam also has a YouTube channel where she uploads useful videos about sports, health, food, and lifestyle in general. She is also a vegan and shares lots of recipes.

Lucy Mains @lucymainsfit

Lucy studies for an HND in Fitness, Health and Exercise at the City of Glasgow College. She is 19 years old and is a real inspiration. This girl managed to fight anorexia and achieved incredible results. Her dream is to get a degree and help other people with their diets and exercises. On her page, Lucy shares her workouts, gives pieces of advice, and bring awareness to important topics. She also has a YouTube channel where she uploads videos with sets of exercises and her life.

We hope that these charming ladies proved to you that everything is in your own hands. They managed to overcome all the difficulties of not accepting their bodies and not being in the best mental states. Sticking to strict diets or not eating exhausts both your body and mind. Find a sport to your liking, start buying healthy products and cooking instead of eating out junk food, love yourself more, and soon, you shall see marvelous results!