Hey, what’s up, everybody? Alex Rogers from proteinfactory.com. A couple days ago, I released a podcast about Tectanic Red, which is essentially beetroot powder. However, it’s standardized to contain 25% more nitrates than normal beetroot powder, or beets, that is, and great product to use for pre-workout. Without a doubt, it’s much better than your common pre-workout powders that contain useless caffeine, useless amino acids, useless creatine, artificial ingredients. It’s just garbage. I mean, the Tectanic Red, not only is it a great pre-workout to give you better pumps and to help you lift more, but just the health benefits of the product as well. Contains antioxidants, vitamins, polyphenols, just great stuff.

The only drawback with Tectanic is the fact that it’s beetroot powder, so the taste isn’t the best. It’s not going to taste like a sweet blueberry or blue smoothie, whatever these pre-workouts tempt you with. Okay? So if you don’t like beets, you’re not going to like Tectanic Red. But if you do like beets, you’re going to buy this powder. When you open the package, you’re going to look at this powder and you’re going to be like, “Wow. This stuff is probably the coolest looking powder that I’ve ever seen,” with the exception of maybe the Deltropin, but it’s on the same level.

[00:01:29] And there’s really a great website that you want to check out that I think you should also listen to. It’s nutritionfacts.org and the person, I think his name is Dr. Gregor, he explains beetroot powder that is very understandable and will give you great information about really what the Tectanic Red is. And so I’m going to play that for you now. And yeah, I think you’ll really enjoy it, so check it out. Here it is.

[00:02:08] Are you ready for a wild ride? One of the fundamental gospels of sports physiology just got turned on its head. Every exercise physiology textbook in the world just got thrown out the window and all because of beet juice. When athletes train, the reason they get better is they improve oxygen delivery to their muscles. Changes in their lungs allow them to take bigger breaths, for example. Strengthening of the heart boosts cardiac output and blood flow. Your body may even start making more red blood cells to boost the oxygen carrying capacity of the blood. But the energy ultimately derived from that oxygen remains the same. X amount of oxygen gets you X amount of work, period, no matter who you are. As an analogy, on the same gasoline, a Lamborghini goes faster than some lemon but not because the chemistry of gasoline combustion is different in the sports car. It’s just a more powerful engine. Similarly, we may have bigger muscles, we may be able to get more oxygen to those muscles quicker, but the fundamental energy that can be extracted from oxygen remains the same. Or so we thought.

[00:03:26] Researchers put eight guys on bikes and measured their oxygen consumption before and after a few days sipping two cups of beet juice. Before this series of experiments, there was no known drug, substance, steroid, intervention, nothing that could actually increase energy extraction from oxygen. Yet this is what they found.  After a couple of cups of beet juice, they could do the exact same amount of work with less oxygen. Same work with 19% less oxygen. Then when they ramped up the bike for an intensive bout of what they called severe cycling, time to exhaustion was extended from 9 minutes 43 seconds to 11 minutes 15. Greater endurance with less amount of oxygen in the beet group. 16% improvement in their time with only about four-fifths the oxygen requirement. In short, the beet juice made their body’s energy production significantly more efficient.

[00:04:30] Okay. All right. So there you have it. Essentially, a couple, well, a few things that he said were important is that beetroot juice helps… If you have a stronger heart, you’re going to have more red blood cells, and I think that’s the one reason you’ll have more blood pump pumping through you. And that’s really what you want when you work out. You want that vascularity. You want that pump. I mean, that’s what everybody strives for is that pump. Taking beetroot juice also, if you’re like me, if you play hockey, you’re getting more oxygen equals better performance, so taking this would hopefully extend the time of exhaustion that I’m out there on the ice. Okay? So yeah, so that’s it. Try Tectanic Red. I have it on sale right now, $35 a pound with the free shipping. So you can get that today and I really think you’ll enjoy it. All right. Talk to you next time.