Here’s To Your Health & Happy 420!

Happy 420 everyone!  May I wish you all a great day of relaxation!  For those of you that do not know what 420 Day, its the day to celebrate marijuana.  Additionally, it is a day for me to remind you what a great plant marijuana is.  I think it is fairly safe to say that this plant is not a danger to society and instead, many products that are good for your health come from it.

To start, about 10 years ago I was one of the first companies to sell hemp oil.  This dark green, luscious looking oil contains omega 3, 6, 9, and GLA fatty acids.  I used to tell my customers to use this for weight gain and overall health.  Not soon after that hemp protein powder.  I was never a big fan of that and never recommended it, but that does not mean it’s not a decent source of protein.  It is, but just I don’t see the need for it when you have much better protein sources like whey and egg.  If you’re a vegan you can simply go with pea, rice, or duckweed protein powder.  Decades later, manufacturers started to extract the cannabinoids from the marijuana plant and create products from them.  Notice I did not say supplements, as the FDA, I believe at this time, does not consider CBD oil or powder a dietary supplement.   But CBD oil is a great product to use.  I used to sell it here, but Paypal decided to put a stop to that by freezing my account and thousands of dollars in it until I complied with their terms of service and remove CBD oil products from my site.

You cannot get high from CBD oil, but the health benefits are amazing.  I think the most important benefit of CBD oil is its anti-cancer benefits.   I try to use CBD oil everyday, and I alway recommended it to my father who is active and in his 70’s.  He told me he loves it as it helped reduce the inflammation in his knees.  As I just mentioned you cannot get high from CBD oil, but obviously you can get high from marijuana.

I think getting high on marijuana is a 1000 times “healthier” for you than alcohol.  It is common sense that alcohol is not good for your health.  And what disturbs me the most about alcohol and why I really don’t drink anymore is because it’s relationship with a shorter life.  This was just published ….

alcohol consumption

To sum it up, even if you drink moderate amounts of alcohol, you’ll live less.  Therefore why consume alcohol, when you can just get high.  I do not think ANYONE can win a debate over which is healthier and safer for a human if you want to get high or drunk.  Without question, I feel marijuana is much healthier and safer for you than alcohol.   And if you are trying to gain weight, getting high with marijuana increases your appetite amazing well.

So Happy 420 Everyone!  Put some hemp oil on your salad, hit up your vape stick, and throw away your Budweiser!  Using hemp to relax, party, increase your appetite, or battle your ailments is the way to go and should not be illegal on a federal level in this country.  Hopefully one day the government will finally recognize that hemp should be legal and its health benefits are proven.

Finally, if you want to know what CBD oil I recommend it is from CV Sciences.  They are a great company and sell some great products.