Below is an example of what one week of my high-frequency training looks like for my legs. Please understand me when I say that this is not meant for someone who is just getting into training. I DO NOT GET SORE easily and my body is very used to some pretty regular abuse. If you are newer to training but do want to grow a certain part of your physique, I would start with ONE EXERCISE a day – not two.

Remember to fill the rest of your lift in with whatever else you would like to focus on that day. Or, if you are looking to grow more than one part of your body, by all means, create a total body lift that you can perform every day.

Remember to properly nourish yourself before, during, and after your workout to properly recover. Make sure you get your protein powder and eat foods high in protein.  Being sore is normal – not being able to walk for days after a lift is not!

ALSO! – If you have any questions at all, PLEASE feel free to email me at [email protected] and I will answer all of your questions to the best of my ability.

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Upper Body

1)      Seated Neutral Grip Lat Pulldowns: 6-8×4

2)      Seated Cable Rows: 6-8×4

3)      Standing Arnold Presses: 8-12×4

4)      Upright Cable Rows: 8-12×4



Legs/Total Body

1)      Hamstring warm up set: Lying leg curls x 20-25

2)      Landmines: 8×4

3)      Leg Press: 10×4

  1. For the set of 10, I did 6 consecutively, then completed the remaining four using rest pauses.

4)      Cardio Complex: Deads, Hang Cleans, Front Squats, Push Presses, Back Squats, Good Mornings, Bent Over Rows – 12 reps of each using the bar x 4 sets



Legs/ Back/Delts

1)      Leg Extensions: 8-10×4

2)      Narrow Stance Hack Squats w/Smith Machine: 6-8×4

3)      Seated Wide Grip Lat Pulldowns: 8×4

4)      Rear Delt Flys: 6-8×4



Legs (Live Video)

1)      Step Ups: 6-8×4

2)      Narrow Stance Squats: 6-8×4

3)      HIIT on Elliptical




1)      Landmines: 8×4

2)      TRX Single Leg Squats: 6-8×4

3)      Tabata on Assault Bike




1)      Bulgarian Split Squats: 6-8×4

2)      Sumo Squats: 6-8×4

3)      Neutral Grip Pull Ups: Max x4

4)      TRX Rows: 8×4




1)      Push Presses: 6-8×4

2)      Upright Rows: 8-12×4

3)      Single Leg Hip Thrusts: 8×4

4)      Walking Hip Abductions in Squat Position: 15-20 each side x4