How Protein Plays A Vital Role in Weight Loss?

Protein is known to be very effective in controlling the hunger than many other carb diets. People who want to lose weight are often suggested to add protein to their diet. It is a most common nutrient known to give you a better-looking body.

High protein foods boost the metabolic rate of the body and also play a major role in regulating those hormones which form the basis of obesity. There are many mechanisms by which protein works to help you lose weight. Here we are going to tell the ways the protein makes you lose weight:

It Controls Hormones Causing Gain or Loss in Weight

It should be noticed that it’s not the food only that becomes the cause of weight gain. There is a specific area in the brain which is known as the hypothalamus which actively regulates those hormones that control the weight of the person.

Your brain decides when and how much you should eat. The brain processes the information related to eating the food. It is the brain that tells you when to stop eating. When your intake protein in high quantity, it reduces the level of appetite in the body.

The hunger hormone known as ghrelin is reduced by the hormones known as cholecystokinin and peptide YY. This hunger hormone can be reduced easily if you replace the fats and high carb food with the high protein food.

Hunger reduction is one of the key points to be kept in mind by all those who want to lose weight. Once you have set your target of reducing hunger to a significant level, you can do it increase the intake of protein in your diet.

Protein Digestion Burns Calories

Human being’s body also burns calories when it digests the food. The process of metabolism and digestion is quite complex that needs the body to do a little workout which consequently burns calories. When it comes to digesting protein, the body has to do more work out. When the body digests protein, it gives 25% more thermic effects than the thermic effects given by the digestion of fats. Healthy proteins for your weight is very important, so the digestion must be good.


You Can Burn More Calories with Protein

Protein tends to increase the metabolic rate because of high thermic effects and many other reasons. When the metabolic rate is increased, your body is likely to lose more weight you will burn more calories.

Your body will lose 80 to 100 more calories a day if you add protein to your diet. However, it should be kept in mind that the number of calories you burn depends on your total weight. Increasing the protein intake in the body can gradually enhance the number of calories to be burned by the body

There has been a lot of research on the effect of protein on weight loss. It has been revealed that the protein intake can make you lose weight even if you don’t do conscious calorie restriction.