How to Create the Perfect Home Gym on a Budget?

Commercial gyms offer a wide range of equipment, but they also accompany hassles of commute to workout, lines for machines, and regular monthly fees. When you are ready to shift from your gym membership to creating your own perfect home gym on a budget, you will need to consider your options.

If you are on a budget, then the following items will provide the most mileage for your money:

Resistance Bands

Also known as fitness tubing, resistance bands are a great alternative that you can use in the smallest of spaces. You can purchase the ones with variable resistance and with a little creativity, most exercises can be adapted. If you add connections to resistance bands, it will help you in completing a full-body workout.

Exercise Balls

Also known as Swiss Balls, Therapy Balls, or Stability Balls; the exercise balls are the best-kept secret for the home as they are cherished by personal trainers and physical therapists. The balls can provide you a full body workout, they can be incorporated in cardiovascular activities, and they can assist in stretching. They come in a variety of sizes. If you are a beginner, then you should work with larger, less inflated ball. Once you become comfortable with the exercises, add more air to your ball.


As a beginner, you should get a set of 5, 7, and 9-pound weights to begin. Dumbbells will add a lot of options to your exercise equipment collection. They are highly functional and are capable of producing amazing strength gains which will help increase your metabolism.

Ankle Weights

Ankle Weights are great for a full body workout. However, you shouldn’t use them with cardiovascular conditioning. You can place them around your ankles or wrists for a complete workout. They are particularly desirable for thigh, butt, and hip work that is difficult to target with dumbbells.

Exercise Videos

If you want to keep your exercise routine interesting, then exercise videos will be very helpful in this regard. There are numerous videos available everywhere that you can take advantage of and add versatility to your exercises.

Some Buying Tips

Following are some tips you should follow when buying equipment for your home gym:

  • Gain Proper Fitness Knowledge Beforehand: It is highly recommended that you gain proper knowledge about fitness equipment before proceeding to buy an equipment for your home gym.
  • Don’t Buy it if You Can’t Try it: If you are buying an equipment from a local store, then it is recommended that you use that equipment for at least 10 minutes. If you are satisfied with it, then buy it. And if you are ordering online, then make sure to read its review on websites such as reviews. This website is extremely helpful in this regard. You can use it to read the best fitness equipment reviews and gain fitness knowledge.
  • Quality and Durability Should Be Your Top Concerns: When it comes to quality and durability, home equipment can be a hit or miss. So, if you are about to make a purchase, then make sure that the product is well-made, durable, and stable during use.