Whit Crawford walks you through one of her awesome booty building workouts.  If you want to know how to get a bigger butt, Whit Crawford is your answer.

how to get a bigger butthow to get a bigger butt

how to get a bigger butt

how to get a bigger butt

How To Get A Bigger Butt

Hey, guys.  I’m about to go into the gym and do a glute workout.  I’m going to show you some basic things that you can do to work your glutes and different positions, load them differently to kind of give you an idea of around about workout.  There are so many different exercises that you can utilize for your glutes.  I have lower back pain so I’m very careful on which ones that I use and how I use them to get a bigger butt.   A lot of the times, it would be very rare that I do squat if it’s not a sumo.   I’m gonna do a butt workout and catch it all on video for you guys and hopefully, this helps answer your question, “How to get a bigger butt”.

Before doing any sort of butt or booty workout, I always start with something that will activate my glutes.  I will usually do those to pump my glutes up.  I will do about 50 to 100, make sure that I really get some blood pumping to them. And then, I also like to start with doing lying leg curls.   I usually do about four sets of six reps.  I really try and focus on the eccentric.  I’m then power up.

And then my last set, I do a drop set.  I end the drop set (which isn’t on the screen) with some partials as well as an iso-hold.  I kind of took that from Mountain Dog training.  It worked really, really well for me. And I really like to focus on my hams, as well, throughout any lower body workout.  This is something that I’ve also been trying to bring up. And it just feels really great going into a workout knowing that my hamstrings and my glutes are really nice and pumped up.

For my first exercise, I really like single leg presses.  This works your gluteus maximus in the stretched position beginning at the bottom of the movement.  Also, I want you guys to notice when doing these (this is why don’t speed this exercise up) as soon as I hit the top of the movement, I don’t lock out and I bring the weight back down very slowly, making sure that I have a good mind-muscle connection with my glutes the entire time.  This increases the difficulty of this movement.  Not only that but it makes sure that the load is always on your muscles the entire time. It’s never being fully dropped on your knee in that locked out position.  This is a great way to do these and I guarantee it will increase the difficulty of this movement tenfold.  It’s awesome.

For my third exercise, I’m just doing a good old-fashioned seated hip abduction.  This is working my gluteus medius rather than the maximus.  It gives more of the rounded out look to the blues.  I’m just making sure that I’m hitting all aspects of my butt, not just the maximus (which is what we all usually focus on).

For my next exercise, I do…  I know you guys have probably already seen me do these before. They’re called landmine deadlifts.  These work the gluteus maximus in the stretched position, as well, on the bottom of the movement.  I love these because it gives me a great way to engage my glutes and my hamstrings and it virtually (at least for me) takes my lower back completely out of the equation.  I’ve adopted these almost in a complete replacement (at least right now) for just straight leg deadlifts because that’s how wonderful they feel.  I am ten times more connected with my glutes when I do that exercise. And you’ll notice right there I do have a little bit of a gym crush on her.  And I figured I would let everyone know.  So, four sets of these.  This is just another set, different angle.  And then, we’ll move on to the next.

My next or my final exercise is actually going to be a superset between some hip thrusts and some walking hip abductions.  These, I usually do with a barbell.  You can also do them with the Smith machine but today at the gym it just really wasn’t a possibility. So, I used to leg extension.  So with these, I really try and squeeze the top. It works your gluteus maximus in the shortened position rather the stretched position.  And that’s that squeezing at the top that you see.  And really try and control that weight on the way down.  It’s not a movement that you want to speed through.  And then, I superset that with the walking hip abduction that you see here. I did have a band that actually broke right before going to the gym.

So, that was my how to get a bigger butt work out for today.  Sometimes my workouts are a little different.  They usually have a lot of the same exercises for a period of a month to two months and then, I move on and incorporate something else.  The biggest thing that I think I’ve learned from all of this is…  I think I know I’m kind of going off on a tangent right now but everyone is obsessed with Brazilians and their booties.  What I realize is why they have such nice butts is they treat the glute the way that Americans treat abs.  If you maybe a few years ago when the glutes weren’t such a craze…  If you took a good look at some girls at the gym, what would they do?  It was cardio, abs, cardio, abs.  They did them.  We did them every day. We wanted to make sure that we had abs.  You know, we incorporated them into everything we did.

Brazilian’s, not so concerned about the abs.  But that’s what they do with their glutes.  Some gyms, they have a completely separate area for the glutes just as in America, we have a separate ab area.  It’s crazy but that’s what they do.  They treat them as something that they do daily.  And it very much shows.  So, that can give you a little bit of insight on to how to maybe mold your work out or how you train.  I think that’s the biggest piece of information I could give you.  It’s just completely…  The scheduling and what you’re focusing on, the entirety of your work out, having everything be, you know…  Lift really, really hard and everything else abs-centric.  Switch that to glutes-centric.  And I guarantee you’ll be amazed at the results that you see.

So, that’s it.  That is my work out on how to get a bigger butt, with some explanations on how and what to do.  If you have any questions, feel free to comment.