You might stop working out for many reasons, but they all lead to the same problem: getting back into a workout routine is never easy. It can be irritatingly hard to find enough will to continue, especially if you feel like you’ve ruined years of previous work. So, let’s look at how to get back into a workout routine after a long break!

People who have managed to get back into a workout routine after a long break

Start slow

You need to understand one thing: it doesn’t matter if you were in superb shape before going on a long break. You must take things slow if you want to get back in shape. Your body loses far too much endurance and flexibility when you suddenly stop doing regular exercises for an extended period. Even if you still look great and relatively fit, your body can no longer do the things it used to with ease. If you try and jump back into what your workout schedule was before your break, even with the right resources to support your workouts, you will end up with an injury or, worse, a permanent disability. Although such cases are sporadic, people still sometimes cause crippling bodily harm this way.

Get a workout buddy

On the other hand, you may suffer from a completely different problem when trying to get back into a workout routine: lack of motivation. After all, it can be hard to get back into the mindset of wanting to improve. The long break you took might have resulted from your lack of desire to work out. In such cases, finding someone willing to accompany you is the best way to motivate yourself. If you can’t scrounge up enough will yourself, then you can ask them to drag you along until you manage to rediscover what you liked about working out in the past. Perhaps companionship is just what you need, and having a workout buddy solves your reluctance.

Consult a professional

Of course, there is a possibility that you are trying to get back in shape for medical reasons. There are plenty of such cases. Working out can help you recover from an injury, deal with mental health problems, and even manage your addiction. Many recreational therapy programs offer activities to help you stay on track. Joining such a program will help you create a workout routine you can follow.

Also, if you’ve suffered a major injury or had a health emergency and are now in rehabilitation, you must work closely with a medical professional. They can help you avoid stressing your body too much and prevent further harm to your body while maximizing the effectiveness of your workouts.

Remember to adjust your diet

A proper diet is essential for effectively working out. This is because of two factors. First, without adequate nutrition, pushing your body will only hurt you instead of helping. Second, to maximize the effects of working out, you need a diet that helps build muscles. Of course, figuring out which protein to use and the other details of your diet and potential dietary supplements can be complicated. It is honestly not something just anyone can do, which is why professional dieticians exist in the first place. You will likely not need that level of support, but you will at least want to research what food to include or eliminate from your diet and how big your meals should be.

Make a proper exercise plan

A proper workout schedule is essential to get back into a workout routine after a long break. Thankfully, at least this is not hard to figure out. Most gyms will have a trainer available if you need one! With their support, you can properly plan out what exercises suit your level and how quickly you should advance.

For example, if you have been recovering from addiction, your body has sustained massive trauma. You have to ease into the workout routine, and you may not be able to do it effectively on your own. Exercise can help recovering individuals stay on the right track, but it may set you back considerably if you do something wrong or get injured and need pain medications. The experts from Little Creek Recovery recommend finding assistance if you do not have a lot of experience with working out. If you have been exercising for years and are confident you can make plans on your own, that is fine too. But if you notice problems with your body, talk to a doctor and turn to a professional for help immediately. Your goal is to start working out actively, not end up in rehab.

Consider building a home gym

One thing that prevents a lot of people from starting to work out again is a lack of confidence. They fear going back to a gym where fitter and more attractive people will supposedly surround them. You can start working out at home if that’s holding you back. Making a ‘home gym’ may seem daunting and expensive, but it really isn’t! All you need is some weights, a mat, and maybe a treadmill. You can do perfectly fine without the last item on that list. This way, you can slowly build up your confidence until you are ready to move on to a better-equipped public gym.

Temper your expectations

The final thing you need to remember when getting back into a workout routine after a long break is that seeing results will take time. You will not be back to your previous physical condition in a day or two. Just remember: did you achieve your top condition quickly in the past? Probably not, since not even the best methods to increase endurance power and fitness can work instantly. Your body needs time to build your endurance back up and shake off the rust your break has produced. The good news is it will take much less time than when you first started working out. Your muscles remember a lot. So, do not lose your motivation and do not despair. All your efforts will pay off eventually!

Final Word

This concludes our advice on how to get back into a workout routine after a long break! We hope that you’ll be able to use our tips to safely continue working out and find great success through your efforts.

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