How to naturally get a bigger booty, this is THE question.

I cannot count how many times I have been asked about the ins and outs of booty training. Before nutrition, before fat loss, before ANYTHING – it’s always, “How do I naturally get a bigger booty?!”

So here it is – the first installment of the answer to this burdening question.

Before we get started – I will say that all of this information,  WILL PRODUCE RESULTS.  You will be able to naturally get a bigger booty without having to resort to surgery.

It’s the matter of doing the work that falls on your beautiful, round shoulders ; )

First! There are 3 key mistakes that will keep you from growing and stuck in a cycle of training with no results and constant frustration. Please learn from these!

Had I known these earlier in my training career, I would have had bigger, better glutes way earlier on!

how to naturally get a bigger booty

How To Naturally Get A Bigger Booty Part I |  Top 3 Mistakes


I am ALL about getting stronger. I would never focus on hypertrophy techniques for the stage – just strength, figuring that the size would come along with that.

Well, I was half right – but I was definitely half wrong, too.

Many of you go to the gym with a SOLID lower body lift planned out. You do your compound movements with heavy weight, creating as much damage as humanly possible – right? Of course!

And because of how epically intense your leg day was – you figure that those exercises were enough to elicit booty growth and help your booty grow naturally.

Nope. — The majority of the exercises we do on leg day are the squats, deadlifts, leg presses, lunges, and so forth. The problem with these exercises is that they typically only work the glutes in one position – the stretched position. The booty is made of multiple muscles that need to be worked in different planes of movement – not just one.

THIS is why your heavy ass, epic, nausea-inducing leg day makes you sore as hell but doesn’t grow your ass – you’re only working it one way EVEN though you’re working hard.



This is the exact opposite of our mistake #1 people. You see them at least once a week at the gym. Or you may be guilty of it yourself. — Tons of kickbacks, hip abductions (the Susan Sommers machine that you can’t make eye contact with anyone while doing it), body weight lunges, step ups, and oh so many more.

These guys are definitely getting warmer – they are devoting a whole workout to the butt!

So YES, this is a start. The problem here is that there are no huevos to these lifts and people do them maybe once or twice a week.

Does a good booty pump feel good? OF COURSE it does!

But if you’re not complimenting this with some actual weight and sweat, you’re not doing yourself any favors. Just because you’re only working on your booty doesn’t mean you should treat it any differently – IT IS STILL A LIFT AND SHOULD BE CHALLENGING.

Don’t sell yourself short by focusing on your butt once or twice a week and treating it as a mini lift – ESPECIALLY if you’re not doing a serious leg day as well. Which brings me to my last mistake…


This is actually one of the biggest mistakes of anyone trying to grow any body part.

Is recovery important? Yes – we need proper recovery in order to grow. But do we need as much time between workouts as we once thought? NO! Especially when it comes to the glutes.

You want them to grow? Work them 3x/week. By the time they have recovered from your first workout, you work them again and elicit the growth signal!

Working them throughout the week will keep them in a constant state of rebuilding.

You now go from your glutes growing only 1 to 3 days a week to them growing ALL WEEK LONG.

And remember! This week of growth needs to consist of working your glutes in different planes of motion, within different rep ranges, and in different positions!

If this was a little bit of an info overload, don’t worry!

In Pt. 2 I’ll show you EXACTLY how to put this effective booty plan together and you will know how to naturally get a bigger booty in no time.