Why Every Bodybuilding Expert Is Wrong About How to Lift

Google how to body build or how to build muscle and you’ll get 1,000 URL’s of every so-called expert, know it all, professional, Hollywood trainer, and internet phenom trying to show you the best way of how to workout.  How do you choose who is right and who is wrong?  Well it is easy really because not one of them is the best. To grow muscle the quickest way…..

[wpsharely]Everyone with a little bit of experience knows the best exercises.  The bench press, the squat, the dead lift, military press, pull ups, and barbell curls.  So it doesn’t take a genius to remind us of that.  Use correct form and that’s about all there is to it.  Bodybuilding is easy.  Even the so-called Professional bodybuilders do the same routine as Joe Weekender.  Its not like there is some sort of secret bodybuilding machine somewhere that the pro’s have access to and the Joe Schmoes don’t.  Professional athletes do the same shit that everyone does. And probably the Joe Schmo’s do even more.   Thus I have come to the conclusion that bodybuilding really is not about listening to what the experts say.  Its about listening to yourself.  And here’s how and why.

The so-called experts are only defined as experts because their physiques.  In order to be a fitness, bodybuilding, or whatever expert you only need to qualifiy in one category:  how you look.  You look good and bingo you’re an expert.  For some reason the big guy that juices and never played an organized sport in his life, never was trained by a university strength and conditioning coach and self-taught how to lift is automatically the assumed to be an expert.  Me however I’m no expert because I’m an ectomorph.  I’m tall and thin.  I cant tell you how many times someone is like, you’re a skinny prick, what do you know, and blah blah blah.  But I know more about protein powder and nutritional powders than probably anyone on the planet.  And generally speaking I think people that aren’t blessed with genetics for muscle seek to obtain more information on how to build muscle mass.  Hell if I had an easy time building muscle why would I spend countless hours trying to figure out how to build muscle?  So think twice before doing what the big juice head is doing in the gym and spend more time what you’re body is telling you.

Here’s a question for you.  Why does everyone train the same?  Let’s take myself for example.  Here is what I just did yesterday for shoulders:  seated military press, dumbbell flys, dumbbell presses, and then barbell press behind the neck.  Why cant I do this:  barbell curls, deadlifts, bench press, and pull ups.  What’s the difference?  Lets say I did the second routine for 60 days and gained 30lbs of muscle.  Then I had my friend do the same routine and he gained 30lbs of muscle.  And then I showed it to another guy and he gained 30lbs of muscle.  Holy shit I’d become famous!  And everyone would be calling it the greatest thing since sliced bread.  And I’d be the world’s best trainer.  But in all reality this would never happen.  At best I might gain a pound or two because of the simple fact that I just change around my routine.  But after the intitial gain the gains would stop and that’s a fact.  I wouldn’t continually grow muscle.  And in fact this has never happened in the history of bodybuilding.  Not one single workout routine as been hailed the almighty muscle growing routine, with the exception of that PX whatever routine.  Cough cough cough.  Just kidding.  You see there is no right or wrong way to body build. There is no expert that you should listen to that “knows” more than you can know in 30 minutes from reading any book on lifting weights.  All the experts know is that there are different WAYS to exercise.  “Here, take this barbell and run up this hill 60 times”, says a famous Hollywood celebrity trainer.  Yes the experts can teach you different ways but after the 4 time guess what….its not working anymore and wont work as good as it did in the past.     The experts are only good for one thing…accountability.  However if you don’t need someone yelling and screaming at you and telling you…”Good Job! or one more rep!” then there is no need to spend one single dime on the so-called experts.  Or spending one single minute reading their book, blog, article, or watching them on youtube.

Here is the key to bodybuilding:  FREQUENCY.  If you stop pumping iron in the gym you will lose muscle mass.  No if’s, and’d or but’s.  The body doesn’t like muscle mass.  The more muscle mass you have on your frame the more energy it takes for you to live.  Therefore if you want to continually look like you are packing on the muscle mass you have to workout everyday.  The more you workout the more muscle you will grow.  However, everyone is different.  You have to find for youself how often you need to workout to maintain your physique.  FACT:  nobody can continually grow muscle.  FACT:  everyone has their genetic limit.  Meaning that you can only get so big.[/wpsharely]