Who Is Jem Wolfie?

Jem Wolfie is an Instagram model.  She has approximately 2.5 million followers.   Jem is also OnlyFans most popular model and you can check out her Onlyfans page here. On her Onlyfans page you’ll find exclusive content you won’t find anywhere else on the net!

I would not describe her as a fitness model or a swimsuit model like some other Instagram models.  I would describe her more of a girl next door amateur model.   She posts herself mostly in bikini’s and very revealing outfits that show off her very curvy body.   As you can see below these are the types of pictures she posts.  In my opinion, this is the reason for her popularity on Instagram.

jem wolfie

In addition, she has a VIP site for exclusive pictures and videos where you can see better pictures and videos of herself that she does not post to Instagram.

To check out her VIP site click here.   Once you’re there just search Jem Wolfie.

Jem’s Statistics & Family

How old is Jem?  She is 28 years old and born in 1991.

Where was she born?  She was born in Australia and grew up on a farm her whole life.  She moved into the city when she got older.

Does Jem Wolfie have any siblings?  She has two brothers 23 and 28.

Are Jem Wolfie Boobs real?  Jem is 100% natural and has not had plastic surgery including breast implants.

What did Jem do before becoming Instafamous?  She became a chef in Australia in 2010. she worked in restaurants cafe all around Perth. She has been running her own business for about 4 years now.  She created cakes and deserts and thing like that.  She decided to branch out into meal prep for people that wanted to eat healthily but did not have time to cook.  She names the company good eats.

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Jem On Business

She recommends doing everything legit from the beginning if you want to start your own business.  The first thing to do she says, is to get a good business consultant.  Right after that and probably most important she says, is get a good accountant.  Get an account as well that knows about taxes, profit and loss statements, and employee taxes because keeping track of your companies finances is the most important thing.

Social Media

How did she grow here follwing?  She started posting workout routines and recipes on Instagram.  This started to increase her following.  She posted more and more and her followers started to increase.  She was following Instagrams best practices for user engagement by using hashtags related to her niche.

What is the best and worst thing about having a large following?

The best thing to have a large following is the feeling she gets when motivating people.  The worst thing Jem says is that you cannot live a private life.

How Jem Wolfie Stays Motivated and Working Out

Jem Wolfie stays motivated by all the nice comments she gets on Instagram.   She works out about 4 to 5 times a week doing various exercises in the gym and outside.  She often trains outside in a bikini, which I’m sure draws a huge crowd.


Jem Wolfie has been playing baskteball since she was 9 years old, which she states is about 17 years.  She played at the state level, which meant she is pretty good.  If you watch her Instagram you can see that she can dribble and shoot the rock pretty good.  Unfortunately, her career was cut short when she injured her knee.  She had to have knee reconstruction so she could not play any further. She was advised not to play anymore.  She only plays casually now and when she post cool videos on Instagram of herself playing basketball.


Jem gave a list of her top 6 basketball sheos and here they are started at #6 (Her least favorite)


She said they are cool but not comfortable.

#5.  the Jordan 10’s.  They look cool but not that comfortable to play in.

4.  Nike Hyper Dunks.  Ok for comfort but ok how they look.  They look like a golf shoe Jem said.

#3.  The Jordans Retro 7.  Not that great for comfort, but they look awesome Jem said.

#2.  The Kyrie 3. Comfortable and they look cool because they are light and they offer good support.

#1 Favorite is the Nike Kwazi.  They look cool they are extremely light, they’re the lightest pair she has ever worn and they are really squishy.

Seems like things are really going well for Jem Wolfie.  I’m sure we will be seeing more of her in the future.  In the mean time if you literally want to see more of her, go to her Onlyfans page here

jem wolfie