Jessica Weaver (also know as Jessicakes33 )is a model that has over 6 million followers on Instagram.  On average she gets about 100,000 likes per post and she gets about 700,00 views on a video that she posts on Instagram.  She has a Youtube channel as well with about 2,000 subscribers.

Jessica Weaver also known as Jessica Cakes has a VIP site where you can find exclusive videos and pictures of her.  We do not know where she got the nickname Jessicakes33.  But we think that is what she nicknamed her boobs, not sure though 🙂

jessica weaver

Jessica Weaver ( Jessicakes33) on Health and Fitness

Jessica states that she like nature and hang out with her dogs a lot.  She likes cardio,  She is not the girl that likes to go drink.  She does not like it at all.  If she does drink it is to fit in socially.  But normally she does not drink.  Only when peer pressure kicks in.  She does not like to party.  She describes herself as a hippie and healthy lifestyle.  She says life is crazy an stressful.   She says it’s important to live a healthy life style.  She does yoga and plays with animals a lot.  She says do what works for you.   Everyone is different.  She likes to be away from alot of people to clear her head and enjoy the outdoors.

Jessica hikes a lot and here are some tips

She says always scan the trails when you hike because there could be snakes and spiders that you can accidentally step on.  so keep your eye out.  If it is hot outside wear your sunscreen.  She recommends little clothes to get a suntan.  Jessicakes33 tries to hike every day because of it good to sweat and it is good for your cardio.  If you are trying to lose weight she recommends hiking about 6 miles a day.  Jessica Weaver does have a treadmill but she prefers to jog outside.  With jogging outside she feels you are using more muscles in your entire body vs the treadmill.  She recommends doing hills and thus you’ll burn more calories.  But she said everyone is different.

Jessica Weaver is a vegan.  She said eat healthily and stay away from man-made food.  Packaged and processed foods you want to avoid.

Jessica Weaver on Dating

Jessica gives some advice on dating and what to do and what not to do.  The first piece of advice is to be truly who you are.  This is your first opportunity to make a good impression on the first date.

  1.  Dress accordingly.  Don’t show up in a dirty shirt with holes in your pants.  Show up to the first date that looks like you tried to make a good first impression.  Give it some thought to what you are going to wear on your first date.  So depending on wear you are going look sharp because girls notice those things.  Make sure you don’t smell, which is kinda obvious, but she said make sure you shower.
  2. Cleanliness.  Jessica Weaver says that she is a clean freak.  So make sure you are clean.
  3. Manners.  Be gentlemen.  Get the door for her.  When it comes to sitting down at the restaurant give her the booth.  Always let the women choose.  Always let the girl sit down before you.
  4. Ordering at a restaurant.  Do not pressure a girl to drink.  Don’t act like you are putting peer pressure on her.  Jessica says that drunk guys are the worst.  She said it is disgusting.  Nothing can be worse.  Sloppy drunk is horrible and Jessica says this is a big turn off to girls, so never ever be wasted and watch your limits to remain focused.
  5. Conversation.  Jessica says to be “into” the girl.  Do not talk about yourself all the time.  Jessica says to try to be comfortable and laid back.  Let the woman talk and listen.

The Men Jessicakes33 Likes

Jessica Cakes says she likes men with goals.  Jessica likes confidence in men with a good plan and be hardworking.  She likes men that do not give up.  She said there are a lot of lazy men out there that play the victim and drink beer all day.  If you are a hard worker, then you have a chance to get a woman like Jessica Cakes.

Jessica on Happiness 

Jessica says if you want to be happy you have to change your feeling and doubts.  Change the voices in your head that are telling you the bad stuff.  It is about shedding off the negative voices.  One thing she has learned recently was from Mel Robbins is the five-second rule.  For example, as soon as your alarm goes off get out of bed within 5 seconds.  This way you don’t have the voices in your head that you cannot do stuff.  This way you are up and starting your day.   Jessica recommends the 5-second rule.  Typically Jessica jumps out of bed and feels proud for doing it.  Jessica says you don’t want to think about the negatives in life.  Instead she said, think about the good what if’s.

Breast Augmentation

Jessica Weaver recently had breast augmentation surgery, unlike other Instafamous models like Jem Wolfie who is 100% natural.  She went from an 800 cc to a 1200 cc.  She went with a side boob favor.  They are saline breast implants.  Jessica said they are very big.  Jessica gives advice about this surgery.  You have a lot of pressure when you have breast augmentation.  Jessica recommends taking off your jewelry off before surgery.  Takea  show before you have the procedure.  No lotions, perfumes etc.   Do not shower for a couple of days after the procedure.  Make sure you rest a lot for a few days so you do not upset your body.  On a side note she said she is a very honest person and just because she got boobs does not mean everyone has to get big boobs.  Jessica said it is a personal decision.

Overall Jessica Weaver is going pretty well.  I am sure we will see more of her to come.  Don’t forget to check out her exclusive VIP site.

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