Join The Revolution & Let’s Clean Up The Supplement Industry

Help the clean up the sports nutrition industry by getting companies compliant with federal laws.  

Too many supplement companies are selling you product that is not tested for safety and purity.Click To Tweet These supplement companies are breaking the Code of Federal Regulations by not testing each and every batch of supplements they buy from their contract packagers.  Instead, they sell it to you UNTESTED. A typical supplement company that buys from a contract packager and then SKIPS out on the quality testing required by federal avoids over 20 different lab tests.  Yes, it’s true!  These greedy supplement companies do this to save thousands of dollars in testing fees while playing “Russian Roulette” with your health and the quality of your supplements.

The FDA has created a new “reporting” portal for dietary supplements.

If you feel that a supplement company is NOT registered with the FDA, you can report them here.   Report as a guest or create an account and then click on


As you can see, I have successfully reported a company that threatened to sue me.


Let’s clean up the sports nutrition industry and get rid of companies that violate federal regulations and put your supplements at risk!