Who doesn’t want more muscle?  And who doesn’t want it as fast as possible?  And everyone knows that steroids make the muscle building process quicker and more effective.  Nevertheless, since steroids are both illegal and carry certain health risks the next logical step is to use a natural alternative. That’s where “legal steroids” come into play.  But what are they?  And how effective are they compared to the real thing?


It’s important to understand that the term “legal steroid” can be connected to whatever product any supplement manufacturer wants to give it.  So it’s not a stretch to say that many of them are purely bogus.  Combine some Vitamin E with parsley — voila!  A “legal” steroid.  Whatever. 


A few even have names that sound like real steroids in an attempt to fool the unsuspecting customer.  Names like Dynabolin (instead of dianabol).  Or Wimstrol  (Instead of WInstrol).  These are flat out scams. Stay away. 


Now there are a few that at least “attempt” to do what steroids do, though the results are nowhere near as close — if at all.  A few do get decent results though.  The key is how the various products work. 


Some are herbs such as DHEA, Tribulus and Maca, which all work to stimulate the production os testosterone — which they do — to a slight degree.  The problem is, they also increase estrogen, so one winds up negating the other.  One herb that has shown to increase testosterone up to 20% is Bulbine Natalensis but the elevation is very short lived — only a few hours.  Not enough to make much of a difference is muscle building. 


Then there are pro-hormones, which are essentially chemicals that have slipped under the wire of legality.  (For now).  You may think these are the most effective because they are technically drugs, but that isn’t always the case.  The reason these compounds aren’t legal is because the side effects outweighs the benefits.  Yes, they do have a positive  anabolic and androgenic but they’re also liver toxic and cause suppression of your own natural testosterone production. It just isn’t worth the trade off. 


The only sensible (and truly effective) way to get the muscle building/testosterone boosting effects of steroids without suppression or side effects is to increase what is known as “free testosterone.”  That’s the hormone that already exists in your body and has a direct effect on muscle growth as well as sexual function. You see, not all testosterone is “free”  meaning, it’s inert. The more that is “free,” the more of the effect.  Therefore,  if you allow more of your own testosterone to get out of its “bound” state, you get more of the benefits.  There are a few choice ingredients that accomplish this goal, and that’s what is available in only one product — UNLEASHED. 


UNLEASHED doesn’t add anything artificial, it doesn’t suppress your natural testosterone. Instead, it makes the most of what you already have by unbinding the enzyme that blocks testosterone to become free.  Safely and naturally.  It’s the only sensible way to get “steroid-like effects” with the risks. And that’s why it’s been  the top selling testosterone booster among advanced bodybuilders for the last 15 years!


There have been some products that attempted to copy the UNLEASHED formula, but so far, no one has gotten close.  Besides the actual ingredients and the specific formulation, it’s also a matter of the quality of the ingredients.  Certain herbs need a high sapian count from the purest extract in order to impart the desired effect.  Just using some cheap powered made from stems and leaves is worthless.   Ya gotta get the good stuff!  


So don’t be mislead by claims that are based on nothing but shady marketing ploys. Go with the scientifically proven ingredients found in UNLEASHED.  And make the most of your muscle building goals.