The Quest For Legal Steroids

I was doing research for my company the other day and I typed in the word, “legal steroids” into Google’s search toolbar.  Low and behold I found a bunch of companies located on the first page of Google that claim to have legal steroids.  The first company sold about 7 or 10 supplements.  They had the names of common anabolic steroids that people might be familiar with.  Names like:  Dianbol, Sustanon, Trenbolone, Deca Durabolin, and Anadrol.  However they modified the names somewhat so they are not spelled exactly like the names of the real steroids but close enough.  The website was marketing these supplements as legal steroids.  In fact, the website I was on that was selling these so-called legal steroids was making claims like,

“increases muscle” “increases protein synthesis”, increases strength”, and “reduces recovery time”

Now if you’re a supplement expert like myself, you’ll know that legally you cannot make these claims. Why?  Because these are drug claims.  The supplement company selling these products and making these drug claims are violating FTC laws.  Essentially they are saying that their supplements can do these things and they can back up these statements with the research that has validated them to do so.

For example, their one product states that it increases strength.  Meaning that if you took this product, without doing anything else, even exercise that you’ll gain strength.  Experienced supplement users know that with the exception of (maybe) creatine, no supplement can increase strength simply by taking it like a drug.

I then looked at supplement facts panel of these so-called legal steroids and they were nothing more than common dietary supplement ingredients.  In some cases the doses did not even make sense.  On of their supplements contained whey protein concentrate in a capsule.  Really?  Putting whey protein in a capsule…what joke..

legal steroids

It did not take me long to come to the conclusion in my own expert opinion that this company was a scam.  This company has figured out a way when a person “Googles”, “legal steroids”, they are the #1 result.  Statistics tell us that most people click on the first result in a Google search.  And as it turns out over 18,000 Americans search for “legal steroids” per month

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As you can see, a lot of people are looking for legal steroids and a lot of people are going to this website and being scammed by these bogus supplements.  Supplements that (as you can see above) contain useless amounts of whey protein and amino acids.  Yet this company selling them is charging around $50.00 for one bottle.

After I got off of this site, I clicked on more and more sites under the Google search term “legal steroids”.  All of the sites were very similar to the first one I visited.  Most simply sold bogus supplements praying on nieve supplement buyers hoping to take their money thinking that they are buying legal steroids, when all along they are getting low quality supplements that are really just a waste of money.   After got to about page ten in my Google search I could not find one legitimate supplement company.  So that got me thinking,

What is the closest supplement to legal steroids?  And will there ever be a legal steroid equivalent?

I made a video the other day recapping the supplement industry in 2016.  I stated in the video that not one single new supplement has been created in a very long time.  The last few new supplements were a fertile egg yolk powder which I helped create and a product called Mediator that a company called Chemi-nutra created.  Other than that, there are not been any new supplements that have been created in the last few years.

You would think that with all the money supplement companies make that you would see some new supplements come out on the market?  But all you see is the same old products.  Products like protein powders from whey, egg, and casein, BCAA’s, pre workouts, and your various herbal supplements. Where are the new supplements?

There is a general lack of supplement experts that exist today.  I can count on one finger the people I feel are “supplement experts” and have had their hand in creating new supplements and the potential to help create new ones.  Guys like Dr. Carlon Colker, Anthony Roberts, Nelson Montana, and Jerry Brainum.  But that is about it.  The supplement companies that are in business today do not employ nor have any research and development departments.  If they did then you would see more supplements that the industry has never seen before.  This is also the reason you do not see any new supplements to come out.  The major supplement companies refuse to hire anyone with the knowledge and intelligence to come out with a new supplements.

Therefore, there is only a handful of people in the world that have the knowledge and will to want to create a brand new supplement.  A supplement that the industry has never seen.  And possibly supplements that can be coined with the term, legal steroids.

They perfect dream for any supplement company would be to come out with a supplement that actually works.  And when I say works I mean a supplement that when you take it, it builds muscle.  Even better would be a supplement that helps you build muscle and lose fat.  But if a supplement company actually invented a supplement that worked then would have the potential to make millions and millions of dollars.  The supplement industry is a multi-billion dollar industry.  And a sub-part of the supplement industry is the sports nutrition sector which is also a billion dollar industry.  If a brand new supplement would come out, you can be sure that the sales could be in the billions.

My Quest For Legal Steroids

During my reign as the President of, I have come out with a few products that were “firsts” in the sports nutrition industry.  One of the supplements that I am most proud of is my invention of the first whey protein to be instantized without soy lecithin.  About 8 years ago I invented a whey protein instantized with egg lecithin, instead of soy lecithin.  Soy lecithin does indeed has estrogenic-like compounds.  Therefore I felt that this was not the best choice to use as an emulsifier.  An emulsifier is what makes the powder dissolve easily in water when mixed with a spoon.  After I invented this whey protein without soy lecithin, major manufacturers had to switch their processing to make whey protein without soy lecithin.

After that I helped develop a fertile egg yolk powder with follistatin.  Follistatin can reduce myostatin in the body.  Myostatin, in one of its many mechanisms, can reduce muscle mass.  By consuming dietary follistatin, myostatin can be reduced.

Since my fertile egg yolk powder, I have not developed anything since.  But that does not mean I am not working on anything. Coming out with a new dietary supplement to increase muscle mass or help you lose weight is no easy task.  Like I said before, these large companies that make hundreds of millions of dollars a year NEVER invent anything.  These supplement companies rely on other companies to invent new products.  So are these companies developing new products?  They are far and few in between.  Hopefully something will come along.  The closest we have now is ursolic acid and tomatidine extract.  I have to personally try both of these before I start doing any serious scaled up production experiments.

The truth of the matter, and it is a disappointing truth, even though they are thousands of supplement companies, there are only a few hundred ingredients that are used in the sports nutrition industry.  Take for example whey protein.  Thousands of supplement companies are selling the same thing.  You cannot count how many times you see a supplement company claiming they are cutting edge, innovative, and different.  But the truth is that they are all selling the same thing.  Nothing different, nothing new, the same old products from 1995.  I just laugh when I see a company call themselves innovative and a true leader in the supplement industry when all along they are selling what everyone else is selling just with a different label and some supplement hiding behind a proprietary formula.  In 1998, I marketed that I was selling protein formulas by percentage, so you know exactly what you are getting instead of guessing as with proprietary blends.  This was back in 1998!  Now companies are still saying, to this day, almost 20 years later, that they are innovative because they do not use proprietary blends.

In conclusion, legal steroids sold as dietary supplements really don’t exist.  The closest thing is combining creatine and using it with things like carbs and r-ALA.  But comparing a supplement to a steroid…yea that does not exist yet.  And if someone is going to create legal steroids, it is going to take someone truly brilliant.