Men’s Health: A Few Effective Ways to Reduce Hair Loss in Men

Some guys lose their hair and look extra manly and darn right sexy. If this isn’t you and you don’t want to risk losing your rug but instead, want years of keeping your locks looking good, you need to learn about some tips to keep your hair healthy.

Dealing with hair loss can be tricky, but here are a few ways to hang onto your hair for years to come.

  • Use Mild Shampoo to Wash Hair: It is important to wash your hair regularly. It’s good to be clean but regular washes also lower the risk of developing fungal dandruff and other low level bacterial scalp infections that weaken your hair. Although freshly washed hair has more volume and feels good, limit washes to just once a day to avoid stripping your hair of moisture and natural oils. Twice a week, use a product suited to your hair type to condition and moisturize.
  • Take Vitamins for Healthy Hair: Pay attention to your diet and ensure you’re getting enough vitamins. Vitamin-A is important for healthy sebum production which is essential for healthy strong hair shafts. Vitamin E will improve circulation to stimulate and promote new hair growth. Vitamin B prevents discoloration. Include fish and lean meat in your diet as your main source of protein.
  • Use Essential Oils: Essential oils such as those from sesame, almond and lavender may also help keep hair follicles healthy. These are not oils you can apply directly to hair or skin but look for them in prepared natural shampoos, balms and lotions.
  • Don’t Brush Wet Hair: Check any men’s health publication and you will see experts talk about the perils of brushing wet hair. Brushing or combing too vigorously pulls out hair and so does brushing your hair when it is wet and weaker. If you must, use a wide toothed comb but it’s better to straighten things up by just rakishly running your fingers through it and leaving it to dry naturally.
  • Try Garlic Juice: Garlic juice rubbed directly onto your scalp has been said to promote hair growth since Roman times so perhaps there’s something in it. Apply the juice before bed and wash off the next morning. If you don’t fancy garlic, ginger or onion juice is said to work just as well.
  • Drink Plenty of Water:  Because your hair shaft is one-quarter water, it is essential to keep your body hydrated. Sadly, most men still don’t drink enough. Beer doesn’t count although it does make a good shampoo. Aim for at least eight glasses of water a day to avoid dehydration and associated hair loss.

Often hair loss runs in families. Although genetics mean you can’t stop the inevitable, if you start on good hair care early you can delay hair loss and often, significantly. Even if you are just attached to your hair and want to keep things that way for as long as you can, all it takes is getting into the routine of rubbing in scented oils, or garlic if you’re sleeping alone, and concentrating on including healthy food in your diet and hydrating well.