Muscle Mail Bag February 2015 (updated weekly)

Question 1.  Can Creatine Give Me Kidney Pains?


I love your products.  I use the organic protein and BCAA powder.

I wanted to ask about Creatine.  Each time I have tried to take it, my back (kidneys) hurt after being on it for a couple days.  So I had to stop each time.  I have tried different forms, etc…same result.

Do you have any suggestions about how to tolerate it or even a different post workout supplement that has similar impact?




The problem with creatine and really all supplements in general that are sold today is that they all come from China. If the creatine you used in the past was not creapure it was creatine from China. And if was creatine from China, well who the heck knows what was in it. And secondly even if it DID say creapure, you still have a problem. Make sure you read my article about C of A’s. It will give you a hint of what some companies do to make you THINK you’re getting 100% creapure.

That being said I suspect you have been using Chinese creatine, and really the pain you have been having could have been caused by some foreign chemical or something that was not creatine. My creatine that we sell is 100% creapure creatine. It is the ONLY creatine NOT made in China and the only one I’ll sell to my customers. Try that and see what happens. I think you’ll be pleasantly surp

Question 2. What Protein Do You Recommend?

I have a few questions and ill make it short and sweet. 

1st question do you guys ship to toronto, canada? What are the shipping costs and if you guys dont can you recommend a whey protein that i can buy at a GNC that doesnt spike?

2nd and final question. Im 220 and 6 feet.. i would like to continue to bulk up but tone up so i can look shredded. What kind of protein should i be taking to achieve that?




Yes we ship to Canada all the time. Just put stuff in your cart and then that will give you the shipping price.   However if the shipping cost is to high for you and you want me to recommend something at the local GNC I say don’t buy anything. Unfortunately I really cant recommend anything because they all suck and could be protein spiked. I cant sit here and confidently recommend a protein powder to you that is available at GNC. You see GNC doesn’t care about its customers. They continue to sell spiked protein to this day. If they did care about quality then they wouldn’t sell spiked protein. Unfortunately if they did this they would have to take out all the protein they sell and that would leave their shelves empty.

To get shredded I would get our sweet potato powder or OatMuscle and Heliogen Casein and stack together.   Add L-glutamine and/or leucine peptides to upgrade the stack. You want to be anti-catabolic and the carb powders and slow release protein will do that for you.

Question 3. Got something like this?

Hi Alex- I was reading about Mag 10 by Biotest and was wondering if you have anything such as that or could give me insight into that di & tri peptide concept they have. Is it just the same as the Luecine amino acid product you sell?



It looks like Mag 10 is a combo of hydrolyzed casein and carbs. Unfortunately I do not know if their label meets FDA labeling regulations because you don’t know the total amount of hydrolyzed casein in the formula. However if I were to guess I would say the hydrolyzed casein is Peptopro. Not sure though..because you can buy other hydrolyzed casein proteins that are not Peptopro.

Question 4. Hey Alex when and how much creatine should I take a day I’m about 225 and when should I take it and what should I take it with cause I heard if you take it with a fruit juice the creatine loses it’s whole function


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I would take 1 tsp or 5 grams per day. You can take with simply water. However , if you take with CARBS it will help it “work” better. Now I don’t recommend dextrose or Gatorade, those are bad carbs in my book. I recommend good carbs like spinach, Oatmuscle, & sweet potatoes.

If you go here this backs up what I am recommending.

Question 5. What’s a Good MRP?

Good morning. I travel three or four days a week for work. Can you suggest a meal replacement blend that I can use a couple of times a day in a shaker?  I need something to complement quest bars and nuts when I am on the road. Thanks.


I would get the Oatmuscle and any of our whey isolates, and the Heliogen casein. Mix 1/3 cup of Oatmuscle and 2 tbs each of whey isolate and 2 tbs of Heliogen casein.

If you have any other questions, on any supplements training or nutrition, send them here [email protected]m, and we will answer you and even post on the next Muscle Mail Bag!

Your Friend,

Alex Rogers, President Of ProteinFactory.