Aging is basically a natural process, which happens as part of the life cycle. Although aging is unavoidable, how you age might be controlled by a couple of lifestyle factors.  Your sleep quality, nutritional status, and physical activity level all play a vital role in determining the aging rate. However, aging is not bad news itself. The study behind how people age has taken several measurable steps, which are worth noting. Rather than concentrating on researching the process of aging, modern science now delivers a development towards healthy aging.  Plus, NAD plus is a molecule, which holds great promise in the conversion of healthy aging.

So, what is NAD Plus?

NAD plus refers to a power naturally occurring coenzyme, which is associated with important bodily functions. As your body grows old, the levels of NAD+ fall, leading to aging signs.

NAD plus

How NAD Plus in the Body Works

It acts as a shuttle bus to transfer electrons from molecule to molecule in the cells. This helps to carry out different kinds of processes and reactions.

Experts at Livv Natural suggest that NAD+ also helps the body transfer energy among cells and may influence how strong and efficient your metabolism is. Plus, it serves as a signal, telling the body cells when it’s time to rebuild themselves and turnover.

Best Boosters and Anti-Aging Supplements

Anti-aging boosters and supplements are quickly becoming popular because of their life-changing impacts. Among the common boosters are NAD plus supplements, which are a new variant in the marketplace.

Normally, NAD plus supplements offer the body precursors so as to produce NAD, which is basically a coenzyme that increases energy, targets aging, facilitates the cellular process. Other popular NAD+ supplements include:

  • RiboGen
  • Toniq NMN
  • True Niagen
  • Cymbiotika NMN
  • Liftmode NMN
  • Elysium

Effects of NAD Supplements

Recent research suggests that NAD+ supplements can improve sensory and cognitive functions. They are vital in different metabolic pathways, including insulin metabolism, gluconeogenesis, and lipogenesis.

Concerning disease-preventing effects, these supplements can help to avoid kidney and cardiovascular disorders by reducing inflammation and increasing endothelial cell proliferation.

‘Anti-Aging Molecule’ and Kidney and Liver Treatments

Researchers revealed that an enzyme present in kidneys and livers normally limits the activities of a molecule, which plays an important in cell longevity and metabolism. They also suggested that blocking the enzyme might be an effective way to maintain the health of these two organs.

The level of NAD plus, also referred to as ‘anti-aging molecule,’ decreases with age, and restoring it will lead to many years of longevity and good health.

This molecule plays an important role in different biological processes, which enable these organs to stay healthy and get energy. These biological processes include:

  • Cell signaling
  • Gene expression
  • DNA repair
  • Metabolism

Increasing the Levels of NAD Plus Naturally

While there are several supplements you may take to increase the levels of NAD+, a more effective way to maintain an optimal level is to adjust your lifestyle.

Adopting those changes into your everyday life will ensure the levels of NAD+ remain strong, allowing you to maintain a high level of energy and healthy metabolism.

Exercise is a natural way to booth your general health and improves the levels of this anti-aging molecule. Apart from making you strong and keeping you at a healthy weight, exercising will increase the DNA-rebuilding proteins in the body.

Fasting for an extended period is also a great method to indirectly boost the levels of this anti-aging molecule. However, long-term fasting might come with a counterproductive effect. So consider intermittent fasting so as to get the same positive results.

NAD IV Therapy

NAD IV therapy or NAD regenerative therapy works by delivering NAD+ into the bloodstream. The therapy bypasses the digestive system, making sure the NAD+ coenzyme is not broken down before reaching the cells, which requires it the most.

Benefits of the Therapy

NAD regenerative therapy boasts a lot of benefits, some of which include convenience and simplicity of the treatment procedure. Patients can sit down comfortably in a seat and work on their laptop, catch their favorite shows on TV, and read newspapers, while IV drip is administered in their hand or arm through a small needle.

The entire session only lasts for around one hour and 30 minutes. This means patients can go back to their normal routines right away.

As you also grow old, you will start noticing that you no longer have a leaner muscle mass. Although you may not necessarily add more weight, your current weight will not appear toned as it used to be. This mainly has to do with low level of NAD.

A low NAD level will affect the metabolic rate in the cells, giving your body incapability to burn many calories. That is why you realize a reduced amount of lean muscles as you grow old.

However, with NAD+ therapy, you will be able to restore the levels of NAD in your body. This also helps to manage your weight, burn calories, increase your BMR (basal metabolic rate), and even restore your body’s lean muscle. Other benefits of this therapy include:

  • Improving cognitive functions
  • Reducing inflammation
  • Aiding in the addiction recovery
  • Boosting athletic performance

The Future of ‘Anti-Aging Molecule’

For almost 100 years, the anti-aging molecule has been playing a vital role. However, the gradual pace of technological development and scientific research has not shown how people can use it in the medical field.

Understanding the history of this molecule and its subsequent discoveries make researchers explore what the science community may do with all these details.

According to recent research, everyday doses of NAD+ precursors can increase the level of the molecule by more than 40%.

While studies determining the impacts of NAD+ precursors in animals hold a great promise, up to now, there is no evidence that these researches can be inferred to humans.

The Takeaway!

Although the fountain of youth remains one of the fantastical myths, which is not going to be true anytime soon, the science backing up anti-aging medications continues to develop.

One day, people might probably be able to take miracle pills and enjoy life as young adults once more. Until then, NAD+ supplements and anti-aging boosters provide real benefits in slowing down the impacts of cell aging on humans.