Whey GH Stack

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Possible mechanism of promoting protein synthesis via production of growth hormone.

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1, 5 lbs of whey isolate

2, bottles of L-Dopa

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Product Description

Recently I was asked, “What is the best hgh supplement?”.  Normally I just laugh, because I don’t think ANYONE, in the history since I have been in this business (since 1998) has anyone every told me that they uses XYZ hgh supplement and have gotten positive results.  Natural supplements are simply not powerful enough to raise growth hormone levels to stimulate muscle growth like real HGH.  But can you make the best HGH supplement stacking supplement together?

A lot of times supplements work better together.  We know this with supplements like my Creatine & R-ALA stack.  Recently I have put together a simple, yet possible very effective supplement stack to help increase muscle growth.  This stack includes whey protein and L-Dopa. When combined these two supplements seem to work synergistically to increase more muscle mass, then with taking both along.  Check out what I was recently sent by a company that did some research on whey protein and GABA.    In this study, participants took whey protein along and whey protein combined with GABA.  The researchers felt the growth hormone increase benefits of the GABA, when combined with a potent anabolic food like whey protein, would work together to increase muscle mass and strength, than taking each product by themselves.  They concluded that when combined, more muscle mass was achieved, over taking whey protein alone.

Check out the slides below.

In addition, I don’t think anyone has ever taking a so-called growth hormone supplement and claimed that it worked for them to increase muscle mass.  However, combining the two I thought was a brilliant idea and the results of their research showed it to be something worth experimenting with if you want to try to trigger new muscle growth.

However, GABA is not the best supplement for supporting an elevation of growth hormone in the body.  After looking through studies, and other websites, I have come to the conclusion that mucuna pruriens are one of the best hgh supplements that you can use.  I turned to a couple of studies, that looked promising…

First this one.

then this one.

That being said I have put together a Whey GH Stack to try and discounted it.  We are using out high quality whey isolate and L-Dopa from AFI supplements.